Most Able @ CCHS

Most Able and Talented

Clacton County High School has a well established 'Most Able and Talented' programme that offers our most able students a curriculum that supports their strengths in the classroom and through a wide variety of enrichment activities.
Master classes are offered throughout the academic year to our Primary School Partners so that the long-term success of our students is developed at an early stage and continued when they join the school. Everyday teaching provides opportunities for our most able youngsters to develop breadth and depth within their education. The work of our most able students is celebrated throughout the school; the Clouds Gallery, sculptures on the school premises, visual media via our digital display screens, public exhibitions, frequent Drama and Music productions. We have developed close links with the Jack Petchy Foundation and through workshops in the school, our most able students are ambassadors, representing CCHS at public events hosted at the school and at national speaking competitions. Our most able students lead the way in the school in supporting success and achievement.


Whether your interest lies in science, technology, engineering or math there is something for everyone.  For up to date information about STEM residentials and courses visit  


National Aeronautics and Space Administration -
National Geographic -
Kids Try Science -
Enriching Mathematics - University of Cambridge -
How Stuff Works -


Royal Society of Biology -
Institute for Brain & Behaviour - Henry Kitchener Essay Competition -


Royal Society of Chemistry -

English / Dance / Drama

Royal Shakespeare Company -


French & Spanish Newspapers online

Le Monde for French students -
Le Figaro for French students -
El País for students of Spanish -

The vision for CCHS is one where Every Child Matters and that our statement of "Higher Expectations, Raising Aspirations"  is fully supported throughout our students’ educational experience. Providing for the Most Able and Talented learners is a matter of equity and we offer, as with all other pupils, an education that is suited to their needs and abilities, to allow them to fulfil their true potential.