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Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND)
SEND Guidance@ Sigma Sixth Tendring

At Sigma Sixth we take a holistic, student-led approach to SEND. We see each student as an individual who must be an active participant in their education and support. Our underlying ethos is to promote independence for all of our learners and equip them with the necessary skills to see them into adulthood.

Curriculum Provision

Sigma Sixth is an inclusive mainstream establishment that offers a wide range of subjects. High quality teaching is integral to the progress of our students.

We provide coherent programmes of study for students with SEND and implement a graduated approach to meeting the needs of the students using the Assess, Plan, Do, Review process. We ensure that a student’s programme is appropriately differentiated in recognition of their abilities and focuses on outcomes for students.

Students with Educational Health Care Plans receive support that is informed by the outcomes and requirements stated in their plan. Teachers and support staff work together to factor the needs of the student into their teaching and support strategies. 
All staff have regular training on all areas of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. Staff have access to the Essex Provision Guidance Toolkit as a resource to support teaching and learning.

At Sigma Sixth we ensure that all facilities are fully accessible.

Our pastoral and safeguarding teams provide regular drop-in support for students struggling with mental health and other welfare issues.


We welcome applications from all suitably qualified prospective students including any student with learning support needs, as long as the student meets the academic entry criteria for their chosen programme of study.

Our staff are available throughout the transition process. Prospective students can speak with us during our Open Evening and taster day events or arrange a personalised tour. Once students have received an offer they will have the opportunity to visit the campus for an Induction Day so they can familiarise themselves with their study programme and their teachers.

The Preparing for Adulthood advisor from the local authority provides additional guidance to students with an EHCP.

We ensure that students with SEND receive appropriate pastoral support and guidance, including transition into sixth from and preparation for +18 choices.

Identifying and Assessing SEND

Through our admissions process we aim to identify and provide for students who have special educational needs and additional needs. We follow the guidance contained in the SEND Code of practice 2014. There are a range of ways that we identify young people with SEND. These may be from external professionals such as:

  • Diagnosis letter from a doctor.
  • Reports from recognised organisations
  • Educational Psychologists reports
  • Files and reports from secondary schools

Students with an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) do not go through the general admissions process. In year 11 of secondary education students name their preferred destination. At this point a consultation will be sent to the SENDCo and Head of College who will review the needs of the student, provision required and allocated funding. A response is sent directly back to the Local Authority who will then liaise with parents/carers in regards to their placement.
There are a number of opportunities for students and their parents to provide relevant learning support information including:

  • On application
  • During the admissions interview
  • During Induction Day
  • On enrolment

It is important that students also provide any information regarding previous exam access arrangements so the SENDCo is able to consider these needs and apply for any continued support where appropriate. The students secondary school will also need to forward on any applications for exam access arrangements from Y11 along with any learning plans, medical healthcare plans or diagnosis letters.

Clear communication prior to enrolment and throughout the students time at Sigma Sixth is really important to ensure the correct support and Exam Access Arrangements are in place.

Please note: Failure to inform Sigma Sixth of Exam Access Arrangements in the September of the year of enrolment may result in us not having adequate time to process arrangements for that academic year.

In identifying and assessing SEND we involve students actively in decisions about their provision and involve parents and carers.  Parents and carers will receive regular progress reviews through our reports system and we encourage students, parents and carers to contribute their views.

Working with other professionals

Children and young people with SEND may need integrated support from education, health and/or social care to help them achieve their ambitions (Code of Practice 2014).

Sigma Sixth offers a range of support for all students, working with various organisations both within and outside of college. These include:

  • Essex County Council
  • Educational Psychologists
  • Emotional wellbeing and mental health services
  • MIND
  • Autism Anglia

For more information about our SEND provision and processes please contact:

Head of College: Mrs S McKarry
SENDCo: Mrs H Bartrum
Deputy SENDCo: Mrs J Mills
Assistant SENDCo: Mrs K Hawthore

Head of college: