Sixth Form Dress Code

We recognise that Sixth Form students have special privileges and should be able to wear their own choice of clothes rather than a uniform. However, Sixth Form students should wear clothing which is both comfortable for working throughout the day and appropriate for an educational environment.

The following rules must be adhered to:

• Clothing should be smart and clean.

• No clothing with inappropriate/offensive logos, images or text.

• Torso to be covered.

• Legs to be covered to mid-thigh.

• Underwear should not be on display.

• No excessive piercings or tattoos.

• Functional shoes with back or back strap.

• Hats and hoods to be removed indoors

This is not an exhaustive list in defining acceptable and unacceptable standards of dress and appearance. Either the Head of College or the Key Stage 5 Pastoral Leader makes the final decision on whether dress/appearance is acceptable.

Any member of the sixth form who does not conform to the dress code or who is considered inappropriately dressed will be sent to the pastoral ofice for suitable attire or home to change.