A-Level English Language

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A-Level English Language

A-Level English Language gives students the opportunity to study how one of the most widely used languages on the planet works, and how it is used in a vast array of both spoken and written mediums. Students will develop a detailed understanding of English through exploration of how language creates meanings in written, spoken and electronic modes. This course will suit students that have a passion for exploring the English language and the fundamentals of how it works.

Students have the opportunity to explore ‘real life’ language use in different social contexts and develop an understanding of how gender, power and technology affect language. The course also requires independent study involving reading, creative writing and research.

An essential subject if interested in a career path in journalism, publishing, advertising, public relations, law and teaching.

Assessment in the course: 80% External Examination and 20% Coursework.

Entry Requirements:

Students need to have achieved a minimum of 6 grades 5-9 incl. English and Maths and should be aiming to achieve a minimum grade 6 in GCSE English Language.