Teaching and Learning at CCHS

Teaching and Learning go hand in hand; with effective teachers we can ensure our learners become the best they can be: Confident, Aspirational, Informed and of course, Successful.

As our students experience their own Learning Journeys, as do our staff.
There are lots of ways we do this;

  • A leadership structure that ensures that from our Vice-Principal for 'Teaching and Learning', through our Directors of 'Teaching and Learning' and subsequent Improvement Leaders, each Faculty in the school has access to expertise in the latest and most effective practice in education.
  • Regular Continued Personal Development (CPD) for all staff that matches need with delivery; adjusts its programme according to requirements, and encourages all staff to share their good practice with the rest of the community.
  • Weekly 'Teaching and Learning' tips shared online and in person, from a range of staff, and for all staff.
  • Coaching and mentoring for individuals and groups of staff to support them in their own professional learning Journey.

Teaching & Learning
Our regular and systematic process of peer observations demonstrates that in our classrooms….
Teaching and Learning at CCHS
Teaching and Learning
Since its inception in September 2011, the 'Teaching and Learning' focus has:

  • Instigated a programme of OFSTED style Faculty Reviews as a way of identifying and sharing good practice as well as maintaining our high standards.
  • Created the Teacher Toolkit, an interactive and extensive resource available for all staff that has collated some of our best expertise across a range of teaching and learning skills.
  • Researched, reviewed and launched a new Marking Policy for the school to further ensure that the high quality feedback of staff is matched by learner involvement.
  • Developed a high profile foci for the teaching of Literacy and Numeracy across the Curriculum.

With our exciting involvement with the North East Essex Educational Partnership (NEEEP), we can also look forward to making further links across the Partnership in order to share the best practice for 'Teaching and Learning' that is evident throughout the Partnership schools.

What has made us PROUD?
Liz Bailey - Outstanding new teacher of the Year in 2012Knowing that we have only the highest standards with regard our 'Teaching and Learning' community;

Amy Sargent - Outstanding New Teachers in EssexWelcoming new trainees each year, many of whom are ex-students, and watching them grow into the skilled practitioners of the future;

Watching our colleague, Liz Bailey, win the National Outstanding New Teacher of the Year in 2012 and knowing that she trained with us;

Essex Teaching Awards 2015Celebrating with former trainee and now our Head of Languages, Amy Sargent, who was presented with a ‘Certificate of Special Recognition’ as one of the top three Outstanding New Teachers in 2014.

In 2015 another former trainee English Teacher, Sean Duffy was acknowledged as one of the top three Outstanding New Teachers of 2015 along with CCHS Higher Level Teaching Assistant, JenniClark who also received a ‘Highly Commended’ Certificate as one of the top three Teaching Assistants in Essex.
Essex Teaching Awards 2016

The Clacton County High School STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) team won the Essex Teaching Awards Team of the Year 2016 and progressed to the National Pearson Teaching Awards. Another former CCHS Trainee PE Teacher Laura Townsend was also recognised at the awards evening as one of the top three Outstanding New Teachers of 2016.