PROUD at Clacton County High SchoolThe CCHS PROUD Ideals

At Clacton County High School we teach our students to be PROUD of what they do and how to achieve the success that they rightly deserve both at school and in their lives as a whole. Having pride in what they do and how theypresent themselves will enable them to increase their self-esteem; this in turn will help them realise their dreams.

Our PROUD ideals focus on Presentation, Respect, Organisation, Understanding and Determination.

Presentation - We want students to take pride in their uniform and appearance; the work they produce and the way they communicate.

Respect - whoever students interact with, this should be done with respect. The school community is being improved by everyone having respect for each other.

Organisation - taking pride in having the correct equipment and PE kit; knowing their timetable; pride in being punctual and arriving at lessons ready to learn; being neat and tidy and working logically through tasks.

Understanding - students understand why they are here and how they can become successful independent learners; Understanding what we are all working towards.

Determination - being proud of having a go even when things get difficult, persevering and not just giving up; helping build a community of belief and encouragement for all; and learning from mistakes and misconceptions.

Students have the opportunity to be rewarded for following the five PROUD ideals and can gain Vivo points, a PROUD postcard sent home, earn Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum PROUD awards or various PROUD Pin badges.

Ways of earning a reward include consistently good presentation of their work, wearing correct uniform, respecting themselves and others, holding doors open for others and arriving at school on time equipped with pens and pencils ready to learn as well as the showing understanding and determination throughout their learning.


PROUD - British Values