Sixth Form - Higher Education

CCHS Supporting Parents to Support their Children

We work with students to individualise their Post 18 choices through our Careers mentors. Often they express an interest at going to University and are unsure where to start. Our team are always available to discuss students' aspirations be they in the Sixth Form, Key Stage 4 or Lower Years.

The UCAS information tool on the right has a wealth of information about applying to and studying at University.

Below is some guidance for parents of those students considering going to University to enable them to provide their child with support from home.

University Open and Taster Days

We like to encourage Year 12 students to attend Open Days and Taster days to find out about the wide range of courses and facilities in the Universities and Colleges that are offering Higher Education Courses.

Students are supported in undertaking online research for Higher Education, whilst also being advised on what needs to be included in a Personal Statement and what they can be doing now to improve their chances of being successful when making their applications.

Open days occur throughout the year to enable students to have adequate time to prepare their applications and make decisions in relation to their potential places of study. Universities are happy for parents to accompany sons/daughters on these visits. Details of the dates can be found on the following website:- or mystudentevents.


Links to useful information to help support the move into Higher Education...

The Apprenticeship Guide

All you need to know about Apprenticeships
The Apprenticeship Guide website gives online access to loads of useful information about apprenticeships, general careers advice, direct links to employers and training providers that offer apprenticeships, real life stories and much more.
Also Available
- Apply for an Apprenticeship (England)
- The Apprenticeship Standards
- Search for Apprenticeships and Job Opportunities -

The Cegnet guide to Higher Education websites

The useful download containing Higher Education information and advice covering everything from deciding whether university is right for you, to getting a graduate job .

The parents' guide to University - Which? University

A free parent guide contains everything you need to support your child when they're applying to university. Download your free 24-page PDF booklet here. Read more...

Student finance: What parents need to know - Which?

12 finance facts you should know when it comes to tuition fees, loans and helping your son or daughter cover the costs of going to university. Read more...

Student finance: A Quick Guide to Student Finance (England) - Which?

Finance facts that students should know when it comes to tuition fees, loans and the costs of going to university.

Student finance: Bursaries, Scholarships and Financial Support - Which?

All you need to know about financial support that does not have to be paid back. Scholarships and bursaries may be offered on the basis of a student's academic abilities, household income, or a combination of both. Read more...

Student finance: NHS Student Bursaries - Which?

Additional information about NHS student bursaries - updated for 2017. Read more...

Preparing for your interview: Student Tips

Current University students reflect on their interview experience - what can your son/daughter learn?. Read more...

Making your 'Firm' and 'Insurance' Choices

The key things your son/daughter should keep in mind when responding to offers. Read more...

When will you hear back from Universities?

Is your child freaking out because a university hasn't replied yet? Help settle their anxieties. Read more...

UCAS Extra Explained

If your child hasn’t received any offers they're happy with, UCAS Extra could save the day. Read more...

If you require any additional information then please contact our careers team on 01255 424266 or via email -