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Sixth Form Dress Code

It is a sixth form privilege not to wear school uniform but we expect that all students will present themselves in a manner that is appropriate for a school/work environment. These standards are outlined at the start of the academic year and there are reminders throughout the year.

• Trousers/skirts/dresses should be a suitable length (just above the knee), only tailored shorts or tailored ¾ length trousers/shorts are acceptable.
• Appropriate T-shirts and tops not “strappy” vest tops; avoid offensive logos.
• Appropriate footwear, no flip-flops or heels over 3 inches.
• Jewellery items should be conservative and not pose a risk to health and safety
• Both hair and facial hair should be appropriate for the working environment. Hair colour should be natural or conservatively dyed.

In clarification-
• NO hats to be worn indoors
• NO torn or frayed clothing
• NO see through leggings; leggings can only to be worn if covered by long top/tunic
• NO see through tops with bra showing
• NO bare chests whilst playing sports outside
• NO shorts, unless tailored
• NO strappy tops OR low cut tops/boob tubes/crop tops
• NO T-shirts with inappropriate/obscene messages on them
• NO extreme piercings or excessive jewellery
• NO brightly coloured hair or extreme styles

The sixth form dress code is not exhaustive in defining acceptable and unacceptable standards of dress and appearance. Either the KS5 pastoral leader or Senior Leadership Team makes the final decision on whether dress/appearance is acceptable. Any member of the sixth form who does not conform to the dress code or who is considered inappropriately dressed will be sent to the key stage 5 office for suitable attire or home to change.

Attendance Matters in Sixth Form

Good attendance = Good results.
An attendance figure is required and recorded on all University and job/apprenticeship references.
If coming in late for whatever reason you must sign in at the 6th form attendance office.
If you know in advance you will be absent please let the 6th form attendance office know.
To authorise an absence due to visiting your doctors/dentists, you must hand in an appointment card/letter to the 6th form attendance office before or after your appointment; Otherwise it will count as an UNAUTHORISED absence.

If you are unable to come to school, because of illness or some other personal difficulty, you or your parents/guardians must ring the school so that we are aware of the fact that you will not be in school or are likely to be late. You must phone into school by 9am at the latest.
Sixth Form Absence Line - 01255 424266

Attendance - Part Time Work

Good attendance is linked with good results and because of this we encourage you to have as little amount of time off as possible. Whilst we fully understand that many students in the sixth form have part time jobs in the evenings or at the weekend, and in many cases we encourage this, it must not impact on your learning.
Jobs give financial gains and make you more independent. They also give further experience of the ‘world of work’. Part time jobs can be helpful in developing your maturity and also give you a wide range of practical and interpersonal skills.
However, be warned, most students can cope with one or two evenings paid work each week and a day’s work at the weekend, but beyond that it will almost certainly be at an obvious cost to your studies. Your studies are your main employment, anything else is of secondary importance.
Under no circumstances should work be completed during school hours.

Benefits of Good Attendance
It is in your interest to do everything possible to keep absences to a minimum. A prospective employer or an admissions officer at university is going to want people who can be relied upon. They area not going to invest in people who will not be there.

REMEMBER if you are ill or unable to attend school for other reasons you must phone into the school BEFORE 9am on each day you are going to be absent. Sixth Form Absence Line - 01255 424266 - Extension 222