As part of your Sixth Form education we encourage all students to participate in a 1 hour enrichment activity each week. This enables students to gain opportunities in employment, assist in college and university applications.

As competition increases for places and work places you will have a better chance of success by undertaking enrichment. We are always building upon our range of enrichment activities and currently offer;

• ‘Adopt a Teacher’ Scheme (This scheme assists classroom teachers and staff around the school either in the classroom or completing administration/creative work)
• Reading support (To support younger students in their reading)
• The opportunity to appy for a role in the student union. ( The student union includes a fundraising committee who hold a charity event each month. A social committe who raise money and organise events for the student community and the leadership team. The student union meet once a month.)
• Drama and Musical performances
• Induction team building day
• Sports Teams
• Enterprise
• Buddy Mentoring
• V involved
• CMI in leadership and Management
• First Aid
• Work experience opportunities

See Mrs Nash or Mrs James for more details.