Maths Revision

Maths Daily Challenge Calendars 2020-2021

Each month our Maths Department are publishing various task calendars with daily maths challenges for students to tackle throughout each month.

September Maths Calendars

Download the relevant task calendars to enhance your maths knowledge with the daily problems.

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Maths Top Tips

#1: Practice exam questions, using past exam papers.
#2: Compile either revision cards/notes on individual topics on the key points to remember, to ensure no marks are dropped.
#3: Use all the Maths websites listed on the right to help you revise: BBC Bitesize, Maths Bot, PiXL Maths, Maths Watch and On Maths - this is excellent for differentiated questions and answers
#4: Make sure you have downloaded the Maths Watch App onto your phone/tablet so you can listen to maths clips whenever possible; you can also access their website online.
#5: Download and use the PiXL Maths App; again you can also access their website online.
#6: If you have forgotten your logins for the various websites and apps - see you Maths teacher for these.
#7: Don't forget that you need to attend 3 Maths Revision sessions for your "Passport to the Prom."
You must get you passport signed at each session.

PiXL Maths
PiXL Maths