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Summer Term 2020
Friday 17 July 2020

Home Study RewardsHome Study Rewards

Congratulations to all of last week’s home study rewards winners. Every week, the draw includes the top fifteen learners in each subject or faculty, nominated by their teachers; all of them receive congratulatory emails.
Last week, our Science department nominated students who have completed the most questions on the online learning platform Educake, throughout the Home Study period – congratulations to Calleigh Lincoln (Year 7), Joss-Paul Miller (Year 8), Scarlett Peters (Year 9) and Lily-Mae Sheridan (Year 10).
Amongst the other winners were:
Brandon Lidsey (Year 7) for making a great pasta sauce dish for his food technology task, it looked fantastic. Throughout home study Brandon has been cooking and all his dishes look superb! Well done!
Billy Challis (Year 7) for completing his Spanish, 'Escape from Sevilla' challenge using his knowledge from this year.
Cameron Taylor (Year 7) for his well-designed ‘Safety at the Beach’ poster for his PE Home Study. It also included aspects of pollution control (bin your plastic or reduce your plastic waste).
Fraser Day (Year 7) always trying in music and handing his work in on time.
Kostadina Katsakiori (Year 7) who worked hard during her computer science home study, on all the tasks that have been set and has attended every live lesson.
Sophia McManigan (Year 7) and Cassidy Bullman (Year 8) for their superb work ethic and lovely work created for Drama this half-term.
Ruby Lane (Year 8) for completing all of her Art and Textiles tasks to a consistently high standard and always showing enthusiasm through her work.
Samuel Doe (Year 8) for excellent music work and consistently completing all of his home study music work.
Hannah Stuttle (Year 9) for excellent contributions during her English live lessons on poetry.
Reece Normington (Year 9) for fully engaging with all his business home study work and consistently completing it to a high standard, his efforts over the last few months have been excellent.
Gabriela Okinina (Year 9) for great work and participation in her live music lessons.
Mac Buisson (Year 9) for completing all his Computer Science work set on OneNote to a high standard, as well actively engaging with his live lessons, answering questions, posing good questions and engaging with the work.
Bleau Matthews (Year 10) for continuing to improve his business coursework, whilst working remotely. He has taken ownership of the tasks and responded to feedback leading to further improvements.
Millie Watts (Year 10) for showing excellent dedication to her Dance coursework and working hard to ensure her grade is secured.

Home Study Rewards (Continued)

Emily McCarron (Year 10) for completing all her Computer Science work set on OneNote to a high standard, as well engaging and answering questions during her live lessons.
Kye Willis (Year 10) for showing great research skills while working on his English spoken language project.

Well done to all our Home Study reward nominees over the past twelve weeks. We hope that the incentive of having the opportunity to win one of the thirty-six £5 Amazon e-vouchers that we have awarded each week, has helped keep you all focused on your home study during the school closure. Do not forget to look out for the prize and praise emails for the final set of home study rewards, which are drawn today.

New CCHS Student Rewards Scheme

When we return to school in September, we will be launching a new rewards scheme. We are PROUD of so much students do around school, but sometimes they do not receive the credit for them. Our new PROUD Points system will ensure that students will be rewarded for the excellent things they do in school.
Teachers will be awarding all students three PROUD points in every lesson throughout the day, one each for:
Learning – The quality of classwork and independent work will be used to gauge whether points are achieved.

Attendance/Punctuality – Lateness and Absence will lead to this point being deducted.

Behaviour – Linked to the Schools Behaviour for Learning Policy; a C2 and beyond will lead to this point being taken away for this aspect.

Students can also earn 2 points in form, each day, for Attendance/Punctuality and Behaviour.
Teachers will also award PROUD + points for students who demonstrate any of the PROUD elements that we champion at school: Perseverance, Responsibility, Opportunity, Unity and Diversity. These can be awarded in class, around school or for things students do at home.

Harry Potter – Maths Escape Room

Harry Potter – Maths Escape RoomOver the past couple of months, we have been challenging you with maths problem solving activities, based on Harry Potter and the Escape Room concept. The series of puzzles has been developed by Miss Bartlett, one of our new maths teachers. We would like to thank her for kindly sharing them with us; we hope that they have been challenging and a light-hearted way to get you thinking! This week we have Problem 6, the final puzzle that we will be publishing, although Miss Bartlett is adding numerous further puzzles, to help reinforce student’s learning of various maths topics.