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Summer Term 2020
Friday 17 July 2020

School’s Out for Summer...

Today we conclude the most implausible term that we could have imagined. We would like to thank all of our students for their efforts during home study and their live lessons, to all of our parents and carers for their continued support and understanding and all our staff for undertaking a completely new way of delivering lessons and teaching our students. Next term will also be very different for us all; this week’s Virtual Assembly presentation details how school and lessons will be conducted in September. Please ensure you and your son/daughter watch this, to familiarise yourselves with the information – Click here to access the assembly (Students will need to be logged into the school google account to access)A letter with this information has also been sent to parents.
On behalf of the governors and all the staff at Clacton County High School, we wish you a very enjoyable and, hopefully, a hot and sunny summer break - Please stay safe - Stay Alert, Control the Virus and Save Lives. We look forward to regaining some form of normality in September, as we welcome all of our students back to school, but retain social distancing and operate as year group ‘bubbles’.

Goodbye to our Leaving students

Usually we have the opportunity to give our Year 11 and Year 13 students a proper send-off with a special assembly, a group photo of each year group and a get together with their teachers.
Goodbye to our Leaving students
Unfortunately, that has not been possible this year, so instead, Mrs Elliott and Mr Graves have put together a special Year 11 Leavers video yearbook, whilst Mr Crabb - Head of Sixth Form, has compiled a printed yearbook for our Year 13 students. These have been sent out to the respective students and we hope that these will make students laugh and remind them, in years to come, of their time with us at Clacton County High School.
It was not only our teachers, who were unable to say goodbye to their students, a number of Year 13’s have expressed their disappointment in being unable to conclude their secondary education by saying farewell. Mr Norgate’s science students thought it was also fitting for them, to compile a reciprocal Leavers Book for him, as they couldn't say goodbye properly, to wish him well as he retires after nineteen years at CCHS.

Summer Exam Results 2020

Results Days
A-Level 13th August Year 13 + Year 12
GCSE 20th August Year 11 + Year 10

This year, due to social distancing measures, we are unable to invite our exam students into school to pick up their results. These will be made available to students through our Go4Schools platform, from 8.00am on the relevant day. Year 10, Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13 students, will need to create their own account at Go4Schools, to access their results. Instructions, on how to do this, were sent to these students’ individual school email accounts, early last week. They need to set this up as soon as possible, to ensure that they can access their account on results day. If you have any questions or require any additional support, in case of any issues in setting this up, please contact the school by emailing:

End of Summer Term Newsletter

Parents will have received a letter via email, from CCHS Head of School, Chris Taylor, which details arrangements for the start of next term. This includes new term start dates, the areas of the school where each year group will be working in their ‘bubble’ and further details of how the school will operate within Government COVID-19 guidelines from September. If you have not received the letter, you can download a copy from our letters webpage.

Next Academic Year – Sept 2020

Term start dates – remember that your son or daughter will be moving up to the next year group in September!

Year 7 Start Term Thursday 3rd September – 8.45am
Year 8 -11
Start Term

Monday 7th September
8.45am Students go to their Form Room to collect their new timetable.
Daily Finish times are slightly different.
Please check the letter.
Additional dates for the Autumn Term:
Thu 27th Sept
(Provisional - TBC)
School Finishes after Lesson 3
(Due to our annual Open Evening)
Mon 26th –
Fri 30th October
Half Term Holiday
Friday 27th Nov Non-Pupil Day
Thurs 18th Dec End of Term
School finishes after
Lesson 3 (12.55)

The term dates are also available to download from the ‘School Calendar’ webpage – LINK HERE.


This academic year we launched our PROUD Pledges programme, to encourage students to look beyond school and to challenge and exceed their own personal expectations. Our PROUD ideals focus on Perseverance, Responsibility, Opportunity, Unity and Diversity and CCHS PROUD Pledgeswe want all of our students to value these ideals, as they become part of the broader community, to have compassion and empathy for others and to become good citizens with an understanding of the importance of modern British values. The PROUD Pledges programme will be re-launched when we return to school in September.
Below is a list of our ten PROUD pledges that students need to complete each year through different activities. They can build in as much as they like and can repeat any one pledge several times over - The more you do, the bigger your portfolio of achievements will be:
• Take part in a formal presentation
• Regularly participate in a school enrichment activity
• Take part in a community event
• Represent the school - performance, sport, club or event
• Attend a school residential/enrichment trip
• Attend a nationally significant landmark or event
• Contribute to school sustainability
• Take part in an international experience
• Take work experience or volunteer with a local employer
• Actively participate in raising funds for a charity

We have no doubt that during the past three months, many students have succeeded in meeting the criteria for many of our PROUD Pledges; be it as part of their home study or in response to the numerous coronavirus related community projects and initiatives in which they may have been involved.

RECORD & EVIDENCE - We would like students to record and evidence these achievements over the summer break, so that they can be shared with their peers, signed-off by their form tutors and filed in their personal folders; bringing them one-step closer to a reward.
NOMINATE - In addition, we need parents and carers to nominate students for PROUD Pledges, detailing which pledge has been achieved and evidence of how they have accomplished it – all nominations should be emailed to with the title ‘PROUD Pledge Nomination’.

CCHS PROUD Community

This term, as part of our community spirit feature - ‘CCHS PROUD Community’, it has been fantastic to report on all of the fundraising efforts and acts of kindness that our students and their families have been involved with, to help and bring cheer to others within our community at this uncertain time. To conclude the term wCCHS PROUD Communityith one more positive story, we would like to congratulate Year 8 student William who has been helping fundraise since the start of lockdown. During April, he joined forces with the Neonatal Unit team at Colchester Hospital for a NHS Hero’s Challenge.
William ran and cycled a total of 156km (98 miles), contributing to their grand total of 1952km (1213 miles) and helped the team raise over £50,000, to help support the NHS and the staff and volunteers, working hard every day. Since then, William has been motivated to continue running and cycling and has encouraged friends to join him. This month, alongside his live lessons and home study, William is well on the way to completing his target of over 250km on his bike. He is also already planning his next fundraising adventure – to climb Mt Kilimanjaro next year.

William’s achievement is one of a number of prime example of what students can accomplish and record as one of their PROUD Pledges mentioned opposite.
• William, along with Alfie Searles (Year 10) who raised money by running for the NHS, have met the criteria for ‘Actively participated in raising funds for a charity’.
• Sara Smith-Walker (Year 11) who has been signed to play for Ipswich Town Ladies U21 Football Team – ‘Representing the school in a performance, sport, club or event’.
• Rebecca Degen, Grace Hamlet, Angela Chitsakamile and Kamila Kawz Karczewska, for actively advertising the CCHS Eco-Club through form time presentations and working to create a more sustainable environment – ‘Take part in a formal presentation and contribute to school sustainability’.
• Hermione Wood (Year 12) who performed by singing outside her house, on numerous Thursday evenings and Charlie Gamble (Year 9), who choreographed a tap solo and also performed outside his house, during the Thursday evening clap, both to raise money for the NHS - ‘Actively participated in raising funds for a charity’.

Unfortunately, we have had to postpone rewarding students who had already completed their PROUD pledges for this academic year; they will be rewarded when we are able to and the pledges that they have already completed, will be carried forward into the new school year in September.