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Spring Term 2019
Friday 25th January 2019

Year 11 Third World Design Project

Last week, a number of our Year 11 Design & Technology students enjoyed a briefing by Gad Numadi from the charity - Water 4 All. Part of their final coursework project entails finding a real life problem to solve, within the design context of supporting developing countries. Four students have chosen to design and develop ideas for solving the problem of providing clean drinking water in areas of Africa. Gad Numadi has been working on developing a filtration system that is made in the UK, to provide clean drinking water in villages in the African state of Togo.
Year 11 Third World Design Project
The students saw the special filtration units in action and learnt about the manufacturing process. They also watched a film about what life was like in an African village and how water was collected and used by the villagers. They were astonished to see that the water, which sustains many villages, is often the equivalent to pond water, full of algae and dangerous bacteria. The quality of water often makes the people ill, meaning that children regularly miss school. During the dry season, villagers are unable to store water in their ‘ponds’, so children and women have to walk miles to collect water for their families.
Year 11 Third World Design Project
Gad showed the benefits of using the filtration units and spoke of his plan for every family in each village to have a special filter in their homes. This was an ideal session for students to gain further useful research for their projects and has now given them a stimulus to progress.

Adverse Weather Arrangements

With the threat of the weather Adverse Weather Arrangementssuddenly turning very cold, and the possibility of freezing conditions, with snow in some of the forecasts, it is prudent for us to highlight our adverse weather procedures.
A letter, detailing these arrangements, was emailed to parents and carers this week and is available via the CCHS Letters webpage.
Any decisions regarding closure or partial closure of the school are made as early as possible, generally around 7.00am. Parents/carers are notified through:
• An official notification on the Essex County Council Emergency School Closures webpage
• A message on the front page of the school website
• A message sent through our texting system
Closures would be considered if it was not possible to ensure the safety of our staff and students, for example significant snow and ice hazards or the total loss of power leading to heating and lighting not being available. These decisions are never made lightly and we would consider late opening or partial opening, for certain year groups, if that were manageable.
If circumstances dictate that we need to make a decision to close the school during the day parents/carers would be notified through the school’s texting system and via Essex County Council and our own website.
If parents/carers are in any doubt, please do not rely on social media for information as these sites can often be misleading, please always check the official notification as highlighted above.
In order for our communication system to be an effective tool, it is imperative that we have your up-to-date contact details. If you have changed your mobile phone number or email address, and have yet to inform us, please provide your correct contact details via email to:
• We need the name of your child/children, their form group, your name(s) and your mobile telephone number(s) and/or email address.

Please Note: If external examinations are scheduled for a day when it is necessary to close the school, then the examinations will continue as planned wherever possible. Full details of these procedures can be found on the ‘Adverse Weather Arrangements’ webpage.

Les Misérables – Countdown to Curtain-upLes Misérables – Countdown to Curtain-up

We are now into the last two weeks of rehearsals before the cast of Les Misérables takes to the school stage on Thursday, 7th February.
There are four performances to choose from, although availability is becoming limited for some of these.

All tickets are priced £8 and can be booked online through the following links -
Les Mis - ThursdayLes Mis - FridayLes Mis - Saturday MatineeLes Mis - Saturday Evening