CCHS Weekly News

Autumn Term 2020
Friday 20 November 2020

PROUD – PSHEE Learning 3

PROUD – PSHEE Learning 3PROUD – PSHEE Learning 3A third PROUD lesson took place this week, focusing on topics that link to our PROUD values and support students’ Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHEE). Our Year 7 and Year 8 students discussed the topic of screen time and how hours spent gaming and on social media can be detrimental to a person’s health. A study has recently revealed that people now spend, on average, four hours each day looking at their phone or mobile device – a quarter of the time they are awake! Year 9 students looked at the topic of eating disorders; the causes and triggers of these conditions, and the signs to be aware of personally, and in friends, who may be suffering. In addition, they learnt about strategies to use, to help tackle a variety of disorders, and a number of options of where to go for help. The school Student Support webpage contains important information on this topic, along with numerous links to external agencies who can offer help and support.
PROUD – PSHEE Learning 3Year 10 had the opportunity to take part in a live, virtual presentation by Make Happen. They watched the fast paced presentation about raising their aspirations to help realise their dreams. Make Happen is a programme which brings together universities, colleges and local partners to deliver outreach programmes to young people in Years 9 to 13, to help inspire and focus them on achieving exam results to enable them to progress towards future pathways.
The Year 11 students continued looking at post 16 options and various employability skills. These included developing their personal attributes, alongside their academic achievements, to enhance their employability. The next PROUD session will take place on Friday 4th December when external speakers will help our Year 11 students with exam preparation techniques to aid concentration and reduce stress, ahead of their mocks.

Anti-Bullying Week

As a school, we believe that all students are entitled to learn in a safe and supportive environment; this means being free from all forms of bullying behaviour. Through our broad curriculum, we aim to educate our students about tolerance, diversity, difference and respect for others, which helps reinforce our bully free zone message.
This week was national anti-bullying week and our year group virtual assemblies highlighted the distress that bullying can cause, as part of the national focus. Pastoral leaders spoke about the diverse forms that bullying can take and explained what students should do if they encounter or witness any of the forms of bullying.
Anti-Bullying WeekAs cyberbullying is a particular problem, National Online Safety have produced a useful parent/carer guide about Trolling and Online Abuse, as part of their #wakeupwednesday series of publications – Download a copy here.
The experts at National Online Safety have alsocreated a multitude of useful guides to help parents understand the world online - new guides are published regularly. Just follow this link to sign up, allowing access to all their information guides.

Advance Notice – Last day of Term

The autumn term concludes on Friday 18th December. The school day traditionally finishes early on the last day of term, but the finishing times are different this term due to the lesson schedule we are currently following.
On Friday 18th December all students will finish at the end of lesson 2: Year 8, Year 9 and Year 11 students will leave school at 11.40am; Year 7 and Year 10 will leave at 11.55am.

Supporting Women in Need

The Period Poverty organisation believe that all women should have access to sanitary protection, but many are unable to access or afford them. The charity are working towards eliminating period poverty in Britain's most deprived communities -
Supporting Women in NeedThanks to generous donations, our pastoral team have a stock of sanitary wear items that families can access should they be experiencing financial difficulties due to the pandemic; parents can contact their child’s year leader for further information. Our team has also been able to ‘pay it forward’ by giving a proportion of the donated stock to local organisations. Last week, the Community Hub in Jaywick were very grateful for a delivery of numerous large boxes of sanitary protection, which will be distributed to struggling families in the community.