CCHS Weekly News

Autumn Term 2020
Friday 6 November 2020

PROUD – PSHEE Learning 2

PROUD – PSHEE Learning 2A few weeks ago we held our first PROUD session, focusing on topics that link to our PROUD values and help support students’ Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHEE). A second lesson took place this week as students swapped their normal timetable for a lesson devoted to a range of topics, dependent on their year group.
PROUD – PSHEE Learning 2Our Year 7 students learnt about puberty and how their bodies will change and develop over the coming years; Year 8 focused on equality and human rights including the thirty articles that form the Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; Year 9 and 10 students looked at e-Safety and, in particular, protecting themselves from online grooming, whilst Year 11 started thinking about their options for continuing their studies next September. A special virtual careers convention was put together by our careers team for the students to access, in place of the PROUD – PSHEE Learning 2annual Year 11 Careers Fair. The online presentation enabled students to explore many career paths and post 16 opportunities including links to numerous informative websites. The convention is now available on our Careers Hub Microsite for students to continue their research at home and with additional input from parents. At the end of the month, Year 11 students will have the opportunity to experience what sixth form study entails when they visit our new sixth form centre, based at the Tendring Education Centre, for a Sigma Sixth taster day.

Year 9 and 10 – Attitude to LearningYear 9 and 10 – Attitude to Learning

Throughout the year we are highlighting and praising students who have a positive attitude to their learning. This week we are delighted to be congratulating a number of our Year 9 and Year 10 students, who currently have the highest points average for their attitude to learning across their subjects. They have been acknowledged by their teachers for having an ‘Exceptional’ or ‘Motivated’ attitude in every subject and will all receive a PROUD postcard and a special CCHS PROUD "Perseverance" lapel pin badge.
Well done to Year 9 students - Emily Bramman, Oliver Caffull, Tristan Coffey, Haiden Cordrey, George Kutty Daison, Zi Yu Dong, George Ellis, Harry Ellis, Freya Gallagher, Chenai Gillmore, Teddy Keeble, Year 9 and 10 – Attitude to LearningLily Knappett, Ruby Lane, Sophia Lees, Brandon Manning, Rocco McIntyre, Noel Noby, Faith Pepper, Cady Ransley, Charlotte Sears, Micky Sheehan, Hannah Underwood and Charlie Woolf.
Year 10 students - Jaime Beaver, Fleur Beckham, Olivia Bond, Mac Buisson, Hattie Burtenshaw, Jamie Croll, Nina Drozd, Paris-Michael Hall, Keira Harms, Joshua Hough, Emily Knight, Luke Matthews, Olivia McWilliams, Haydn Morgan, Roman Revell, Damian Rottenberg, Abbie Rudkin, Jessica Shelton and Tia Singers.


This month our STEM microsite highlights the important role that ‘Women in STEM’ play, linking with the national STEM focus for November. Engineering UK has projected that over the coming years we need to double the number of engineering apprentices and graduates entering the industry, to meet the growing demand for engineers.
Parents and students are encouraged to visit our microsite where they can find out more about Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths opportunities in the UK and around the world. Our STEM site is full of information about the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, including various ideas for STEM at HOME activities to tackle as a family.