CCHS Weekly News

Autumn Term 2020
Friday 2 October 2020

PROUD in the Community

During the period of home study throughout the summer term, we continued to promote our PROUD ideals to students. Many clapped for the NHS, others sang or danced for the residents of their street. We are delighted that many of our students are continuing to champion our ideals during their spare time.
Last weekend, to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support, four Year 10 students - Grace, Emily, Ella and Freya, gave up their Sunday to complete a sponsored walk, from Clacton Pier to Walton Pier and back again.
PROUD in the Community The girls all know someone who has been affected by cancer and they recently learnt that a friend’s little girl has been diagnosed with Leukaemia. This helped inspire them to complete their challenge and help a charity that is close to all of their hearts. Their 14 mile walk, which coincided with the annual Macmillan Coffee Morning and fundraising weekend, took the girls over six hours to complete and included an extended stop at Walton.
The girls dressed up for the occasion as the M&M Girls and carried a collecting bucket for the entire walk. So far, the girls have raised over £1000 for their efforts and welcome additional contributions through the JustGiving page that they have set up – Click here to help boost the girl’s total.

World Space Week – 4th to 10th Oct

World Space WeekThis year, World Space Week focuses on the impact that satellites have on our daily lives.
More than sixty years after the launch of the first satellite, there is no denying that this technology has impacted life for everyone on the planet. From monitoring weather patterns and climate change, to live broadcasting news and events, or simply locating your lost smartphone through Global Satellite Positioning World Space Week(GPS) technology.
There are now several private space companies launching their own mega-constellations of thousands of these smaller satellites - SpaceX is currently in the middle of launching over 12,000 Starlink telecommunication satellites, which will eventually provide satellite Internet access from any point on earth. The system has already been used effectively by firefighters dealing with wildfires in Washington.
We encourage our students and their families to explore the special CCHS Space Week website, which our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) team has put together. It contains a multitude of information including many examples of how satellites influence our lives. It is easy to find out which satellites are visible with the naked eye and will be passing overhead by using a special tracker - In The Sky.Org – Satellite Tracker.
The International Space Station is the biggest and brightest object that orbits the earth and can be clearly seen, a few hours after dusk, without the need for a telescope - Click here to see when it will be visible over Clacton. To help stimulate further interest in space and technology, why not venture outside after sunset during World Space Week?

‘Aspirations Corner’ – CCHS Careers Advice

‘Aspirations Corner’ – CCHS Careers AdviceThe knowledge we impart to students during their time with us at CCHS, aims to empower each individual to discover what interests them. Ultimately, we endeavour to teach, advise and steer them towards further study in a subject area that stimulates their imagination and subsequently a career path and job, that they enjoy.
The CCHS Careers Hub has a wealth of information and ‘Aspirations Corner’ – CCHS Careers Adviceresources that will help your child to think about their aspirations. This could be within our new Sigma Sixth College and consider the opportunities beyond, such as university, employment or an apprenticeship. It is never too early to start thinking about the future. Careers information is not only for our upper school students as even those in Year 8 need to start thinking about subjects that not only interest them but link to their aspirations. Early next year they will start the process of selecting the GCSE and BTEC subjects which they must study in Year 9, from September 2021.
Check out the ‘Student Opportunities’ section to discover what is available for each particular year group.