CCHS Weekly News

Autumn Term 2020
Friday 25 September 2020

A Message from the Head of School

We continue with a very positive return to school. Seeing our students working hard in lessons, fully focussed and really enjoying their learning is a pleasure.
Making face masks/coverings a ‘must’ from Monday 21st September has been very successful and it is encouraging to witness our students’ understanding of the need to protect others.

NHS Test and TraceUnderstandably, there continues to be many questions raised by parents in regards as to what to do if they are concerned about their child displaying any possible symptoms of the virus. A letter from Public Health England specifically for parents/carers was sent by the school today. This gives very good advice and guidance to help parents understand when their child can and cannot attend school, please read this if you have any queries or concerns. A copy is available on the Letters webpage – Click here to access.

Understandably, there have been some students, along with their families, that have needed and will need to self-isolate whilst awaiting test results and with that in mind teachers are working hard to ensure that remote learning continues to be available. Students can access their current curriculum via their Show My Homework (SMHW) and Google Classroom logins, for more information visit the Home Study webpage. Keeping up with lessons during the two week isolation period is very important, ‘Every Lesson Counts’!

At this time, there are so many changes that require us to respond quickly, and with the increasing number of cases all around the country, it is important that we are as prepared as we possibly can be for any eventuality. With this in mind, we have prepared a brief Google questionnaire, which we ask for you to complete and this will help us with our planning. The form needs to be completed for every child, therefore if you have children in different year groups, please submit a form for each child - Contingency Key Information Questionnaire

Hands, Face, SpaceWe can look after each other and protect each other by being responsible for our own personal actions, remember HANDS, FACE, SPACE. As ever, stay safe and well.
Chris Taylor, Head of School

CCHS Curriculum 2020-2021

CCHS Curriculum 2020-2021This academic year we have created a special microsite for parents and carers to discover what we teach our students. The site details all of the subjects available at CCHS and the topics of study for each year group within the subject areas, year on year. This information allows parents to see how knowledge is carefully developed and expanded upon throughout their child’s time at CCHS.
Students can see the relevance for learning topics, how the knowledge they encounter translates into different subject areas to support and help guide their future study pathways or career choices. Please take time to explore the CCHS Curriculum Micro-Site.

The CCHS Broader Curriculum

The CCHS Broader CurriculumThis academic year we have launched a new initiative to teach students some real life and alternative skills to sit alongside their academic learning. In a bid to broaden our curriculum offer, our Year 9 students have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of activities including the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, Employment skills (CV/Interviews), Understanding Money and Finance, Boot camp, Yoga, Gardening, Basic First Aid, Cooking Meals, Web Development, Learning Basic Greek, STEM/robotics, Community work, Charity work and many more. One The CCHS Broader Curriculumlesson each week is devoted to the new broader curriculum with students taking part in five of their chosen activities throughout the year; each one for a course of seven weeks. The students are already enjoying the diversion from the traditional subjects and have embraced the opportunity to learn some additional skills which will be of use to them later in life.