CCHS Weekly News

Autumn Term 2020
Friday 18 September 2020


Last week we launched the new CCHS student rewards scheme through a virtual assembly beamed into every form room. We are PROUD of so much students do around school, but sometimes they do not receive the credit they deserve.
Our new PROUD Points system ensures that students are rewarded for the excellent things they do in school each and every day. Teachers will award all students with three PROUD points at the start of each lesson throughout the day, one each for excellent learning, excellent attendance and excellent behaviour. Every student has the opportunity to earn 14 points every day they are at school, including two points awarded in their daily form time.
In addition, teachers will also award PROUD Plus points for students who demonstrate any of the PROUD elements that we champion at school: Perseverance, Responsibility, Opportunity, Unity and Diversity. These can be awarded in class, around school or for things students do outside school and at home.
CCHS PROUD & PROUD Plus PointsStudents can ‘spend’ both PROUD and PROUD + points at the school shop in exchange for things like stationery, Clouds food vouchers, pencil cases and ‘Love to Shop’ vouchers. The shop will be temporarily based in Clouds, on student’s allocated meal days, and opens from next month, once students have had an opportunity to build by their PROUD points. In addition, students who have been awarded the most PROUD points, at the end of each term, will be invited to our termly reward event. In previous years, these have included things like attending a school cinema - with sweets and candy floss, an inflatable fun session in the summer or cinema vouchers.
Congratulations to all the students who have already earnt PROUD+ points across the school which all help boost their daily PROUD points total.
As well as earning points, PROUD points can be deducted, when Learning, Attendance/Punctuality and Behaviour fall below our expectations.

Face Coverings ‘A Must’ - Reminder

Since the start of term we have been encouraging all students to wear a face mask/covering in all indoor spaces. Given the current rise in the infection rate, and the need to protect each other within our community, from Monday (21st September) students must wear a Hands, Face, Spaceface mask/covering in all indoor communal spaces (not necessary in classrooms). Those students who are considered exempt must inform their Year Leader so that they can be given an exemption card.
The school will have disposable masks that students can purchase from Year Leaders through their ParentPay account or by using their reward points.
You will doubtless be aware of local and national incidents where entire year group ‘bubbles’ have been sent home to self-isolate. We are trying to avoid this, and we hope you can appreciate that we owe a duty of care to all at CCHS, as well as the wider Clacton community. Thank you in advance for your support in this matter and for ensuring your child wears a face covering.
NB. We are also asking students to supply their own scientific calculator from next week to enable them to access all the learning in their lessons. These can again be bought on ParentPay or from Science and Maths teachers, if one cannot be sourced locally.

Changes to the School Day

After two full weeks back at school, we have identified that we need to revise the current structure of the school day. This will allow for a slightly longer lunch break to give all students and staff sufficient time to consume their lunch.
The main change is that, as of Monday, 21st September, the end of the school day for Years 7 and 8 moves to 3pm; Year 9 will now finish at 3.05pm and the end of school for Years 10 and 11 reverts to the usual 3.10pm finish.

Year 7 & Year 8   Year 9 to Year 11
8.45am Form Time   8.45am Form Time
9.05am Lesson 1   9.05am Lesson 1
10.20am Break   10.25am Lesson 2
10.40am Lesson 2   11.40am Break
11.55am Lunch   12.00pm Lesson 3
12.35pm Lesson 3   1.15pm Lunch
1.55pm Lesson 4   1.55pm Lesson 4
3.00pm End of School   3.05pm Yr 9 Finish
  3.10pm Yr 10 & 11 Finish