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Autumn Term 2019
Friday 13th December 2019

PROUD - DiversityREAL Day focuses on Careers

This week, we held our last REAL (Religious, Ethical and Life-Long Learning) day; from January we will be re-branding these as PROUD days, to embrace all of our PROUD ideals – Perseverance, Responsibility, Opportunity, Unity and Diversity. Wednesday’s REAL day had a special emphasis on future career paths and personal development. Students spent the morning away from their usual timetable to focus on some of the Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHEE) elements of our curriculum.
REAL Day focuses on Careers
The big topic of the day helped empower the students to start thinking about what they would like to do in the future. The annual CCHS careers fair included exhibits from employers, training providers and universities, along with representatives from the armed forces. Throughout the day, every student had the opportunity to tour the fair to discuss their future ideas with the experts and gain a valuable insight into a number of career opportunities. The UK Border Force stand proved to be extremely popular, with students fascinated by the extent and variety of work that the Force are engaged in. Many were unable to detect that the Nike Sports shoes that the team had on display were actually forgeries.
REAL Day focuses on Careers
The special day also included lectures on ‘Exam Preparation and Dealing with Anxiety’ and ‘Confident Thinking’. Within the next few months, our Year 11 students face the culmination of eleven years education as they approach their GCSE and BTEC exams. At this significant time in their lives, it is important that they have a positive attitude, self-belief and a revision plan to help them avoid the stress of the coming months. Year 7 students spent their three sessions looking at self-awareness; how their bodies will be changing through puberty; and a final session educating them on how they need to protect themselves online with a special lesson on e-Safety.
REAL Day focuses on Careers
Early next year our Year 8 students will start the CCHS Pathways subject options process, which ultimately culminates in them choosing the subjects that they wish to study when they start Year 9 next September. To help kick-start the process their REAL day was devoted to looking at some of the different subjects that they can choose. All of the Year 8 students spent time looking around the careers fair to help them realise the diversity of careers and career opportunities that are available. They then spent the rest of their day experiencing taster lessons in a variety of subjects that they do not currently study, but will have the opportunity of following next academic year.