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Autumn Term 2019
Friday 11th October 2019

Year 11 - Post 16 Studies Fair

PROUD - ResponsibilityYear 11 students need to begin to consider what they want to do after their GCSEs in the summer and this week all of our Year 11 students visited the Tendring Year 11 - Post 16 Studies FairEducation Centre for a Post 16 Study and Careers Fair, promoting the opportunities available to Post 16 learners across the district. There were numerous providers on hand throughout the day to inform and discuss with the students their ideas and aspirations to help them plan their next step.
Students also had an opportunity to see where they could be studying next year, when our sixth form moves to its new home at the Tendring Education Centre in September 2020.
Year 11 - Post 16 Studies FairOur sixth form ambassadors were on hand all day to help inform all the visiting students from the Sigma Secondary schools, about the new Sigma Sixth Tendring Campus and give them a preview of some of the fantastic facilities that the new centre will offer students.
Year 11 - Post 16 Studies FairAll of our Year 11 students have been given a copy of this year’s CCHS Sixth Form Prospectus; please ask them for it. Digital copies are available HERE and additional copies are available from our sixth form team in school.

World Mental Health Day 2019

PROUD - UnityYesterday our mental health team marked World Mental Health Day by highlighting the topic across the school. The annual global day helps highlight mental health awareness, helps educate, and endeavours to break the social barriers about the subject. Mental health has been brought to the fore at CCHS with our Mental Health team on hand to give help and guidance, along with support from our student mentors. World Mental Health Day 2019
Throughout World Mental Health Day, lessons touched on the topic of mental health, to help tackle the stigma surrounding this issue that affects so many people in our lives. By the end of the day students had more of an awareness of the issue and an understanding of their own and others mental health needs; more importantly, they learnt how they can support each other.
World Mental Health Day 2019
It only takes a simple “How are you?” reinforced with “Are you sure?” if you think they may not be okay...
World Mental Health Day 2019
Our mental health team aims to encourage everyone to be more open about mental health and they are available to offer support to students, every Wednesday lunchtime, in Room J6. Our student Mind Matters Mentors are also available, if students would rather speak to someone of a similar age. If you have any concerns about a student and want to ask for advice then please email the school at - students can also email to ask for support themselves.