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Autumn Term 2019
Friday 27th September 2019

At Clacton County High School we teach our students to be PROUD of what they do and how to achieve the success that they rightly deserve, both at school and in their lives as a whole. Having pride in what they do and how they present themselves will enable them to increase their self-esteem; this in turn will help them realise their dreams. Our PROUD initiative supports our ethos of ‘Higher Expectations, Raising Aspirations’ by promoting an attitude to learn and do well. Being a student at CCHS is more than just about academic results, we want all of our students to be part of the broader community, to have compassion and empathy for others and to become good citizens with an understanding of the importance of modern British values.

Our new PROUD ideals focus on:
• Succeeding in the face of adversity & never giving up
• Understanding the difference between,
"I can't" and "I can't, yet."
• Pushing beyond your perceived personal limitations. Can I do more? What can I do to improve?
• Taking responsibility for your education, aspirations and actions
• Presenting yourself well; being polite to others, wearing the correct uniform and choosing to be well equipped for school
• Understanding that all actions have consequences, taking ownership and accepting responsibility
• Taking advantage of all of the opportunities that come along
• Understanding that an opportunity is a great chance for you to shine and do your best
• Recognising that an opportunity is a stepping stone towards your future aspirations
• Working and supporting others; together we are stronger
• Understanding the importance of community, school, local, national and global societal issues
• Being a good citizen, thinking about and respecting others
• Accepting differences, ethnicity, beliefs, religions and gender choices
• Being PROUD that we are all different; embracing the differences and learning from each other
• Broadening the mind through knowledge; being open to others’ ideas and views

CCHS English - Roald Dahl Day

CCHS English - Roald Dahl DayLast week our English department celebrated ‘Roald Dahl Day’ on what would have been his 103rd birthday. They entered into the spirit of the day with a lunchtime fete for our lower school students. Students tested their knowledge with a Roald Dahl book quiz, created their own Roald Dahl style character, wrote and performed poetry and completed Roald Dahl crosswords.
CCHS English - Roald Dahl DayThe big hit of the fete was the spaghetti worms activity. Blindfolded students had to pick out one of a number of strawberry ‘worms’ that had been mixed with a bowl of cold spaghetti; they only had one chance, but if successful, they were allowed to eat ‘fresh’ strawberry worms, rather than those that they had managed to pick out!
CCHS English - Roald Dahl Day