Parent News

Autumn Term 2018
Friday 7th Decemember 2018

Innovative Year 7 Students Triumph at the Sigma Ideas Final

Throughout this term, our Year 7 students have been busy producing some ingenious designs as part of the second Sigma Ideas Project - an educational ideas competition, between Year 6 and 7 students, across the Sigma Trust primary and secondary schools, along with other primaries linked to the Trust. The initiative challenged students to create an idea ‘that could change the world’, which the teams then presented with designs and prototypes. The challenge certainly ignited the students’ creativity and there were some fantastic projects produced from across all our form groups. The students spent one of our REAL (Religious, Ethical & Life-Long Learning) days developing their designs and creating their innovative prototypes. Innovative Year 7 Students Triumph at the Sigma Ideas FinalTwo unique ideas were then chosen to go forward to the final. Over the past few weeks, they have, produced posters, leaflets, promotional jingles, and have been practicing their presentations, ahead of the grand final.
Our first winning team created ‘The Food Saver’ – a special smartphone app, which allows users to scan food items as you put them into the fridge after purchase. The app then informs you when things need to be ‘used by’ and ensures food is not wasted, by being forgotten about and left in the fridge. When shopping, you can also recall which items you still have left in the fridge to prevent duplicate items being purchased needlessly. Our other winning team created a special ‘MILO smartwatch’, which detects when a child is having an epileptic seizure, alerts parents and calls an ambulance. The team foresee that they could develop the watch to include numerous additional medical related functions, which would warn users to take appropriate action to avoid falling ill.
Innovative Year 7 Students Triumph at the Sigma Ideas Final
The winning teams from each of the Trust’s schools, converged on the Stanway School for the grand final this week, where they met representatives from the company behind the project – 7Billion Ideas. They spent the morning attempting a special spaghetti tower building challenge, preparing their stands and presenting their proposals to each of the four judges, who questioned them on their development and ‘future’ plans for their ideas.
The industry and business experts were amazed at the diversity and originality of the proposals put forward by the young students, which made their judging decisions even harder. The CCHS teams were delighted to receive the award for ‘Best Display and Presentation’ for the MILO team - Constance, Alex and Mia and then our Food Saver team - Tayla and Angela, were announced as the overall competition winners!
Innovative Year 7 Students Triumph at the Sigma Ideas Final
Their winning design idea will now be developed and made into a book, which will be available to purchase on Amazon; who knows, the Food Saver and Milo Smatchwatch ideas, could become a reality! The girls will also receive their own copy of the book at a special book launch next year. Well done to both our teams for presenting your novel ideas in such a professional manner!