Parent News

Autumn Term 2018
Friday 12th October 2018

Years 7-11, Mobile Phone Update

Last week, parents received a letter regarding the change to mobile phone use in school – a copy is also available on our letters webpage. We have become increasingly concerned about the impact of constant online connectivity, upon the mental health and well-being of young people. To allow them to benefit from a period each day, when they do not need to be ‘connected’, we are making some changes to the way we manage student mobile phones.
After the half-term break, students must switch off their mobile phones as they enter the school site in the morning. They will need to remain turned off and out of sight until they exit the site at the end of the day. Initially, if a student’s phone is seen, or heard during the day, the student will be requested to switch it off and put it away. After Christmas, failure to comply with these expectations and repeated reminders, may result in a sanction issued in accordance with the Behaviour for Learning policy.
We trust that parents and carers will understand the reasoning behind this change and fully support the school as we aim to give our students an opportunity to break free from being online and we hope, actually talk to one another face to face, rather than through an electronic device!

New Feature - Next Week’s Events

Year 11 Mock Exams – 16th October to 23rd November - The full timetable is available on our exams webpage.

Monday 15th October
• Faraday Sigma Challenge - We welcome teams of Year 8 students from across the Sigma Trust Secondary Schools to CCHS for an engineering based competition.

Tuesday 16th October
• Year 10 Mock Exam – English Literature
• Sports Fixtures away at Colne School
Football - Years 9 and 10; Netball – Years 7, 8 and 9

Wednesday 17th October
• Year 10 Mock Exam – English Literature
• Sports Fixtures at home against Colne School
Football – Years 7, 8 and 11; Netball – Years 10 and 11

Thursday 18th October
• An ‘Audience with an Author’ – We welcome Vanessa Altin, the author of ‘The Pomegranate Tree’.
• Learn on Location trip to London Cruise Terminal – to gain an insight into the world of chemistry within careers – Year 9 and Year 12 STEM students.

Friday 19th October
• Sixth Form – Pink & Purple Day
Sixth form students only, will be dressed in pink or purple to raise money for Breast Cancer Research and for a local boy who has Wiskott Aldrich Syndrome.

• Last day before the start of the half-term break, school will finish after lesson 4 at 3:10pm, next Friday, 19th October and start back on Monday 29th October at 8.45am.

CCHS Key Dates

CCHS Key DatesTo aid parents plan ahead, we have a calendar of key dates throughout the academic year, on our website. These include events, exams and reports – Follow the Link.

Bake-Off comes to CCHS

As part of the recent European Day of Languages, our Modern Foreign Languages Department organised the first ‘Great CCHS European Bake-Off’ competition, challenging students to bake a cake decorated with a European theme.
Bake-Off comes to CCHS
The response was incredible with nineteen fantastic cakes submitted for judging. Visitors to our recent annual Open Evening voted for their favourite cake – looking at the cake design, overall appearance and Bake-Off comes to CCHStaste.
The cake decoration varied from Spanish and European Union flags through to an erupting Mount Vesuvius, a Mont Blanc ski scene, a profiterole Eiffel Tower and Italian flag cupcakes – to name but a few!
The winning cake was created by Year 9 students Connie and Madison who produced a very professional Italian themed cake; complete with a Leaning Tower of Pisa, a bowl of ‘spaghetti and meatballs’, the Roman Colosseum, a slice of pizza and an Italian ice-cream – all produced in fondant. The cake took the pair a day to create without any adult assistance!
Bake-Off comes to CCHSThe talented bakers were presented with special CCHS Bake-Off wooden spoons engraved with “Star Baker” in French and Spanish and cinema tickets. Well done to all those students who spent time creating their masterpieces, including the runners-up Amy and Grace, who produced an Eifel Tower made out of chocolate Curly Wurlies, along with Laura and Ruby, in third place, for their erupting Mount Vesuvius.

World War I Project

This autumn, the CCHS History department are planning a series of events in recognition of the hundred-year anniversary of the end of World War I. A special PROUD wall will feature people, who students and staff wish to honour through their different contributions to WWI.
Do you have any personal connections to the war? Men who fought, women who worked in munitions? This could be family, friends of the family or indeed a local person that you know of. Their actions need not to have been heroic; we are interested in what normal people did during wartime. If you have a story that you would like to share, please could students bring a brief description of the person and their actions into school for the attention of our history department. It would be fantastic if we could have an accompanying photo of the person in question.
Thank you, The CCHS History Team