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Autumn Term 2018
Friday 7th September 2018

CCHS Parent News & Website

Primarily for our ‘new’ parents, ‘Parent News’ is emailed* out to our parents at the end of each week and contains news and information along with the achievements of our pupils – not only in school, but outside as well. If your son or daughter does something, of which they are proud, please let us know; the Parent News email address is at the top of the front page each week. Important notices and announcements or a change to the school calendar, are also published. ‘Parent News’ is also available on the school’s website; the address is also at the top of Parent News each week.
Our website is an ideal source of information, especially the Homepage where you can find the ‘Principal’s Blog’, the ‘Latest News Scroller’ - which displays events for the week and other important information. There are also numerous ‘Link Buttons’ as shortcuts to the most accessed information. These and more are also available from the ‘Parents’ drop down menu.
*Please ensure that we have your current email address by emailing the school at – Please include the name(s) and form(s) of your child/children in the main part of the email.

Term Dates for this Academic Year

Autumn Term 2018  
Thu 27th September Early Finish @ 12:55pm due to
School Open Evening
Mon 22nd -
Fri 26th October
Half Term Holiday
Fri 30th November Non-Pupil Day
Fri 21st December End of Term
(School will finish at 12.55pm)

Spring Term 2019  
Mon 7th January Start of Term
Mon 18th –
Fri 22nd February
Half Term Holiday
Fri 5th April End of Term
(School will finish at 12.55pm)

Summer Term 2019  
Tue 23rd April Start of Term
Mon 6th May   Bank Holiday
Mon 27th May–
Fri 31st May
Half Term Holiday
Fri 19th July End of Term
(School will finish at 12.55pm)

The Term Dates for the 2018-2019 Academic Year are also available on the school website.

Whole School Literacy Event – ‘An Interview with an Author’

Whole School Literacy Event – ‘An Interview with an Author’On Tuesday 18th September, Vanessa Altin, the author of The Pomegranate Tree will be in school for our inaugural ‘Interview with an Author’. The literacy event, for students across the school, will be an opportunity for them to quiz Vanessa on her experiences of the Syrian war and refugee camps. Altin’s career began in journalism, where she reported for the Sunday Mirror and worked as East Anglia correspondent for the News of the World. Her visit will also be an excellent careers opportunity for our students to discover more about an occupation in news reporting, journalism and writing.
The Pomegranate Tree, written in a half-diary, half-first person form, pulls no punches. It is hard-hitting from the get-go, and Vanessa makes no apologies for that. In the opening chapter the reader hears how the central character Dilvan, has seen her mother assaulted and then put in a truck and driven away with one sister, while her baby sister was on the verge of being beheaded, before a missile strike plunged the area into chaos. Her father and brothers are away fighting ISIS with Kurdish fighters elsewhere in the country.
While the book is fictionalised, it is all based on stories told to Vanessa while in Turkey, prompting her to describe the book as “faction”. We are very excited about Vanessa’s visit to school and encourage students to read the book before the event. Copies of The Pomegranate Tree (Blanket Press, £6.99) are available from the CCHS library and to buy from bookshops or online. Some proceeds from the book are being donated by both Vanessa and the publisher to Heyva Sor, the Kurdish Red Crescent (our equivalent to the Red Cross).

The CCHS School App – MyEd

The CCHS School App – MyEdThe CCHS School App – MyEd‘My Ed’ contains a multitude of communication and information features to help parents and carers stay in touch with what is going on at school. The app links to our messaging and reporting systems giving secured access to see your child’s timetable and other information directly on any smart-device.
(Please note - the system updates every night so does not show live information.)

The app also allows CCHS to send messages direct to the MyEd app, signalled by a notification if we send a message. There are also links to useful information at the touch of a button - Key Dates can be added directly to your calendar so you never miss an important school event or parents’ evening; our Homework Microsites can be viewed along with club information, term dates and Parent News.
The MyEd app is available for both Apple iOS and Android devices and can be found on the Apple iStore or on Google Play, by searching for MyEd. Full details of how to download, install and use the app, as well as how to access your child’s secure data can be found on our ‘How To…’ webpage – via this link. This is an extremely effective tool for communication between the school and parents, and visa-versa. We strongly recommend that you download it at your earliest opportunity.