Year 8 Subject Pathways 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Subject Pathways Process for Year 8 students to choose the subjects they would like to continue from September in Year 9. This is an exciting but very important new chapter in their school life as our students progress into GCSE and BTEC.

Clacton County High School is unique in the Tendring area in that students are able to make their pathway choices during Year 8 for study from Year 9. We believe that is essential to ensure students can maximise the time they spend studying the subjects they will sit at the end of Year 11 and recent results reinforce this. However, it is essential that all students make the right choice.

Our students will need to choose subjects that they are good at and enjoy in order to open up future career choices. It is therefore important that these choices are considered carefully and we would encourage discussions at home alongside the advice provided in school before making decisions. Once those decisions are made it will be hard to change them later on.Year 8 Options - Key Dates

Year 8 students will be provided with a booklet that details the options process and provides information about each of the subjects that may be chosen along with the suite of Core Subjects. This will give both students and parents time to read the booklet before the Subject Fair.

At the Year 8 Pathways and Form Tutor Evening on the 18th January there will be an opportunity for students and parents to meet with subject staff to gain further information. This important evening will also provide the opportunity to have detailed discussions with subject areas in order to help in the decision-making process.

The assessment report sent to parents prior to this evening, has been provided to support discussions at home and to help make appropriate decisions.

During the evening we ask that students, with their parents, sit down with their Form Tutor to discuss how their subject choices would fit with any career ideas or ambitions that they may have.

Following the Pathways evening we would encourage you to have a good look at the booklet and peruse the information contained. Our advice to you, as parents and carers, is for an open discussion at home with your child about all of the possible subject choices, what they entail and whether they would provide the most successful pathway.

Students will then make selection of their preferred pathway choices which will be completed with the support of their Form Tutor.

There are occasionally situations where it is necessary to make a number of changes to the curriculum at very short notice.  Where this happens the School reserves the right to alter the curriculum at any stage in Key Stage 4 to reflect these national changes.  In this situation parents would always be consulted where this is necessary.

If parents require further help or clarification on any of the subject choices then please feel free to contact your son or daughter’s Form Tutor, or alternatively the Subject Leader as detailed in the Pathways booklet. For more general enquiries, concerning the pathways process, please contact one of our academic Key Workers in the Pastoral Hub on the usual school number – 424266.

NB. Replacement Pathways Booklets are available on request from the Pastoral Hub or download a copy below:

Year 8 into 9 - Pathways Booklet 2018