Remote Learning - Spring Term 2021

Show My Homework Google ClassroomStudents are currently accessing their learning remotely.
Each day, via their school accounts on Show My Homework and Google Classroom, students can access a timetable of set work, live & pre-recorded lessons.
They are able to communicate with their teachers through both e-platforms.

Google Sign In
NB: Students should always ensure that they are logged into their school Google Account, rather than a personal one, when working outside school to enable them to access school platform.

Log out of your Personal Google Account BEFORE logging into your School Account.

Your Google Account login consists of your usual computer log in plus the '' extension.
Eg. - where the YY is the year that you joined CCHS in Year 7
Your password is the same as your network password, used to access computers whilst in school.

January 2021 - Home Learning Timetables (This is Week 2)

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11

The home learning timetables have been updated and the new versions are listed above.
These come into effect on Wednesday 13th January (Week 2)

Live Lesson Instructions and Code of Conduct

• Show My Homework

Show My HomeworkShow my Homework is the e-platform normally used by our teachers for setting homework and will now be utilised for notifying students of the work that they need to complete each day of homestudy.
Students will need to access their Show My Homework' account daily and work through the lessons that teachers have created. Lessons may include reading, activities to do, worksheets to complete or a power point presentations to work through.

Show My HomeworkEvery student has been issued with a Show My Homework Username and Password.
If you have requested a new pin number to enable you to access your account, please be aware that this is a SINGLE USE CODE and you must set up your account with an email address and your own password.

Students can also access their remote learning through Show My Homework without their log-in details - Click here for further details.

Teachers may set a Mathswatch task; if so, they will remind you in SMHW to go log onto Mathswatch.

If you complete quizzes, your teacher will be able to see how well each student has done straight away.  You will also be able to see your score and may have multiply chances to try to improve it.

Send a message from SHMYou can send a message to your teacher if you need help or do not understand the task.  This conversation is only visible to you, your parents or carers and the teacher (not a whole class ‘chat’).
Message NotificationYou can only write a comment or message to your teacher whilst you are in the homework. If you write to your teacher, you should get a response in about 24 hours. You will see a notification like this.

• Google Classroom - 'How to Use Classroom' - CLICK HERE

Google ClassroomSome teachers already use Google Classroom with classes – if this is how you usually work, then check into your lesson in the normal way.
Teachers have also been asked to remind you about your Google classroom in SMHW.
Your teachers will be setting work that is of similar length to the lesson time that you will miss, you are expected to complete the work to the best of your ability.
You can leave a message for your teacher in the normal way though Google Classroom and should get a response within 24 hours.

• Seneca - 'How to Use Seneca' - CLICK HERE

Seneca is a useful revision tool – especially for GCSE classes although there are KS3 courses in some subjects.
As this is a revision tool it is subject knowledge based.  There are questions for you to answer as well as knowledge to learn.
Your teachers will leave you a message in SMHW giving you the code for your group so that you can join the Seneca class. Teachers can track how many questions you complete to monitor success rate and engagement.
There is no facility to add comments / support within SENECA so teachers cannot give you feedback.

• OneNote - 'How to Use OneNote' - CLICK HERE

Office 365Computer Science teacher use OneNote with classes. This is part of Microsoft's Office 365 Suite – if this is how you usually work, then check into your lesson in the normal way.
Teachers have also been asked to remind you about your Google classroom in SMHW.


For those having difficulty logging in to any of our various e-platforms, please see our ‘How To’ webpage for our login guides.

Follow the links below to the relevant e-Platform that has been specified in the work set by your teachers.

Doddle Gojimo Seneca Learning Kerboodle Maths Watch Maths Bot Maths Genie On Maths
CCHS Gmail Google Classroom Google Drive Show My Homework CCHS Revision Microsite