Clouds Restaurant - 'Tiller & Hobs' ISS Catering

Our new caterers are 'Tillers & Hobs' are part of the ISS World Catering group.
Tiller & Hobs offer a range of main meals, snacks and drinks to keep everyone energised for the school day.

Clouds Restaurant - ABM Catering'The Kitchen' - Main Mains

This counter delivers traditional hot main meal offers like bangers & mash and full roast dinners with delicious home made puddings

'Graze' - Grab 'n' Go

Get your fresh sandwiches, seasonal salads, sweet treats and much more when you simply want to grab and go!

Tiller & Hobs presents 'Food Concepts' - Coming Soon.....'

Serving up a rotation of world food offers like stir fries, burritos, curries and loaded mac ‘n’ cheese!

Clouds Restaurant has a three-week rotation menu so no two consecutive weeks are the same and the variety is plentiful...

Price Guide
Main or Vegetarian Dish from £1.85
Pasta Pot from £1.20 (£1.85 including sauce or cheese)
Hot Grab 'n' Go from - £1.05
Daily Meal Deal - Main Course or Pasta Pot with a Dessert or a small water - £2.38

Download all three weekly lunch menus HERE

Find out which menu are we on this week? - Click to our 'Latest News' on the homepage.
Tiller & Hobbs Menu