PhotographyThe Photography department is an exciting, inspiring place. A creative and imaginative space, ideal for production of original and inventive photographic work. The subject is currently taught by four members of staff who all have a variety of different photographic specialisms which are shared to enhance the learning opportunities of our students. We have a fully equipped dark room for black and white photography and computers in each of the class rooms that allow for the exploration and use of digital imagery along with Photoshop technology. The photography department have several cameras, both 35mm film and digital – that students are able to use both in school and are able to take home in order to encourage them to shoot as creative and individual images for their projects as possible.
Sixth form students are encouraged to use the department resources outside their timetabled lessons and work around the department at any time during the week in order to be able to extend their learning and keep up to date with coursework at all times. Independent study is fundamental at this stage and we offer students a place of ownership to continue their practical work whenever possible.
The department has a number of links with other departments within CCHS, other schools and the local community. We regularly enter students work as part of exhibitions and competitions in order to promote the development of our students as practicing photographer’s outside the set themes and criteria of exam board requirements.
Key Stage 3
Students do not study Photography at Key Stage 3, but there may be some links to the subject through their Artlessons in Years 7 and 8.
Key Stage 4
Students may opt to study Photography from Year 9 when they undertake work on their first GCSE project, which is based on the theme of Natural Forms. This project is designed to be an introduction to learning the basic skills of using the dark room and chemical photographic processes and exploring the basic use and experimentation of digital imagery which is a basis on which to support them through their further GCSE studies throughout Years 10 and 11. Students may also study themes such as Reflections, Transport and Journeys during the GCSE course.
As a department we aim to develop creativity and engage our pupils with new and inspiring projects. We encourage them to develop lively and enquiring minds and develop personal opinions about a range of photographers, artists and other creative influences to inspire their work.

Key stage 4 follows the AQA exam board, the portfolio consists of 60% coursework and 40% exam. The exam is a 10 hour practical examination at the end of the course which is based on a theme of the exam boards choosing and changes each year. Students who do well at GCSE level (GCSE grade B is recommended) often go on to study AS Photography, which is also offered in department.