CCHS Music Department

Welcome to the Music department we have two full-time members of staff and one technician, as well as a number of peripatetic tutors. The Music block has three main teaching classrooms, five practice rooms and a recording studio suite which boasts a 24 trk digital & analogue mixing desk and industry standard equipment. One classroom is the music ICT suite and houses 17 iMAC's which run the music programs Logic and Garageband. Pupils use this facility to complete their composition work.
Students throughout each Key Stage are given the opportunity to explore music and personalise their learning through a variety of units of work. There are three classrooms which are equipped with subject specific equipment in order to follow our revised curriculum.
The department has a culturally diverse & extensive extra-curricular program and organises trips, workshops and concerts which really engage our students and make them aspire to reach their potential as a performer, composer and as a complete musician. Pupils are able to book time in the practice rooms for private practice or on group work required for their courses.

Key Stage 3
Students are taught Music for one hour each week. The curriculum enables them to experience a highly practical course that involves both whole class and smaller group tuition in listening skills, performance and composition skills. The teaching is designed to increase understanding in context as well as practical skill.
Music Key Stage 4
Students have the option to select Music and are then selected for GCSE or BTEC.
MusicThe AQA Music GCSE course is 80% coursework and 20% examination. The course has a good balance of practical and theory and pupils enjoy spending time on developing performance and composition skills. The course guides students on areas of study based on the elements of music. Through composition coursework, students are given the opportunity to produce music that is reflective of their own interests and style.
Edexcel Music BTEC involves giving students a taste the music industry and supports them in professional development, target setting, composition, performance and many more.