Media Studies

Media StudiesClacton County High School was one of the first schools in the country to offer Media Studies at A-Level over 20 years ago. Since then, every student who has completed the A-Level course has passed and in many cases to a very high standard with 100% achieving A*-C in 2012.
These grades are only attained through very hard work. Students need to be committed and, with the practical work in particular, need to work well collaboratively. Much of the content will be new to students but, with application, they will soon find that Media Studies is a challenging and interesting subject.
In 2006, the Media Studies department introduced GCSE Media Studies. The course allows students to develop practical skills and analyse a range of media texts, which are both relevant to students and thoroughly engaging. Students who are creative, work hard on this course, and develop independent study skills are rewarded with excellent grades; commitment and collaborative skills are required for success on this course.
The mass media plays an increasingly important role in contemporary society, providing us with information and entertainment. The media also play an important part in shaping attitudes and social values. Media Studies aims to develop students’ understanding of the world and how it is represented. Students learn to respond critically and analytically to a range of texts, they gain broad knowledge of the industrial and commercial nature of media production; they investigate how audiences consume texts and develop skills in planning, creating and evaluating Media Studiesmedia products.

Key Stage Four - Year 9
Students may opt for Media Studies in Year Nine. During this year, they undertake an introductory course, learning the skills which will support them in their GCSE studies in Key Stage 4. Students study Film, Television, News and Advertising. They are introduced to theory and practical skills. In addition, students in Year Nine Media, contribute to a whole school charity campaign as part of their studies.
Media Studies

Key Stage Four - Year 10 and 11

In Years 10 and 11, Media student study the AQA 4810 qualification. This requires students to complete three Controlled Assessment assignments, including a practical production along with an externally assessed examination. The course is split 40% Exam, 60% Controlled Assessment.
Students undertake a variety of tasks in Controlled Assessments, including study of existing media texts and creation of pre-production material. They also complete a practical production in Year 11 which is a fully realised media product. Students mainly study promotion of music, film, advertising, web design and magazines.
The examination topic changes each year and is taught intensively prior to the examination. Students are given mock exam opportunities, as well as weekly homework, which supports and extends their learning. Students who do well at GCSE level often go on to study AS and A-Level Media Studies.

Media StudiesKey Stage Five
A-Level Media studies follows the AQA specification which enables students to study the world of contemporary media and create their own media products. Students undertake a two year course, which requires dedication and research outside of lessons. Students are offered a wide range of learning opportunities including trips, visits to media venues, practical skills and instruction in how to analyse texts. Many of our past students have gone onto study media at undergraduate level and some have gone on to work in the industry.