Welcome to the Mathematics Faculty

We are a well qualified and supportive team who are passionate about raising standards through supporting and developing the skills of all students regardless of ability. We set high standards for ourselves which has led to setting very high standards for our students. The record breaking results for the faculty, in all key stages, are a reflection of our hard work and commitment.
Mathematics Faculty
Years 7 and 8
We operate a two year Key Stage 3 in Years 7 and 8, with all students accessing a maths programme to build on their Key Stage 2 level and confidence. We believe in stretching and challenging all students but are very supportive to those who are not the most confident. Those of our students who do find maths and number skills particularly challenging are given an opportunity to access extra numeracy sessions in their Curriculum to address any gaps in their knowledge.
Mathematics Faculty

Years 9, 10 and 11

In Key Stage 4 we follow the GCSE Edexcel Higher and Foundation schemes of work starting at the beginning of Year 9. We believe in entering students for their Mathematics GCSE when they are ready so that they meet or exceed their target grade. Through stretch and challenge, some students will achieve the highest grades by the end of Year 10 and so we will offer them pre-A level studies in Year 11, ensuring that they are in the strongest possible position to start the very demanding GCE A level Mathematics course in Year 12.
Those students who are not the most confident, or need all three years of study, will attempt their Mathematics GCSE in Year 11 using the right paper to maximise their potential outcome. They will have a sharp focus on achieving the grades they need to access the Key Stage 5 courses that will take them on to Higher Education or Employment.
Mathematics Faculty

Years 12 and 13

Our belief in stretching, challenging and supporting the confidence of all students has led to record numbers of students accessing the very demanding GCE A Level Mathematics course. We offer the core elements of Algebra and Calculus and in addition we offer the applied modules of Mechanics, Statistics and Decision. In response to the ever demanding standards that elite Universities now require, we offer Further Pure Mathematics to students who would like to read Mathematics at one of our top Universities.
GCE A level 'Use of Mathematics' is a new course for 2012-2013 and will be offered to students who have achieved a GCSE grade B or better who would like to study Mathematics with a real life setting. For some students they may just follow the AS element in Year 12 which will give them a valuable Mathematics qualification to supplement their three main A Level awards.

Gifted and Talented
Those students identified as gifted in Mathematics are entered for the UKMT Mathematics Challenge and year on year our students achieve considerable success. Such opportunities contribute to a team approach in tackling mathematical challenges that are the building blocks for our record breaking results.

Independent Study
We use the internet packages of My Maths and Maths Watch for all students to study independently at home or using the school computers during lunch or after school. Each student will know their target grade in Maths but after each assessment they will know the topics in Mathematics that will need to practice to get to the next level or grade.

Parents and Carers
We welcome your thoughts and views outside the usual Parent Evenings and my team will respond to requests for updates on progress. We greatly value the role Parents and Carers play in supporting us with developing the skills and confidence of all students in Mathematics.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact:

Neil Masters - Director of Mathematics