LawLaw affects many aspects of our lives, yet most people have little understanding of those laws or the legal system. Just laws and a robust legal system are the foundations of a fair society.
Study of Law in Years 12 and 13 allows you to learn about how laws are made and enforced, as well as studying a variety of legal rules. In Year 12 the emphasis is on the English Legal System: the courts, the people who work in them, and the sources of the laws that they enforce. These topics are examined against a backdrop of both the civil law of negligence and criminal law (non-fatal offence against the person). To contextualise your learning you will visit the Old Bailey and Royal Courts of Justice in London to observe a criminal trial and a civil or criminal appeal, and the work of lawyers, juries and judges. In Year 13, you will continue studying criminal law (fatal and non fatal offences against the person), and explore negligence in greater detail, together with other torts. There is also plenty of opportunity for you to explore concepts such as justice, equality and morality, and how they are put into practice by those who make and enforce our laws. To support your studies of these concepts, you will be invited on a three day residential trip to Krakow, Poland, to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau.
Studying Law encourages you to develop your powers of analysis and logical thinking. You will be required to break problem questions into their component parts, and then apply specific rules to solve them. You will also be required to write accurately, so it is necessary that your written English is strong. Throughout the course, you will be encouraged to take an interest in current affairs, especially those of a legal nature, so that you have a better understanding of how the law works in real life situations.

A Level Law

There are 4 units to the Law GCE. Assessment is by examination at the end of each year - There is no coursework.

Unit 1 (Law Making and the English Legal System) and Unit 2 (Concepts of Liability) at AS level
- each paper is worth equal marks.

Unit 3 (Offences Against the Person) and Unit 4 (Tort and Concepts of Law) at A2 level
– each paper is worth equal marks.