History allows us the opportunity to look back and realise the great achievements of our predecessors as well as the contribution they have made to our society and how it has developed.
History at CCHSFrom Year 7 to Year 13 a pupil could study the Medieval period, the religious changes during the Stuarts, the Industrial Revolution, the World wars in the lower school as well as global terrorism, the development of medicine, the Russian Revolution, Britain after 1945, the American response to the depression of the 1930s and changes in the technology and application of war in the last two hundred years in the upper school.
History at CCHS
In the lower school history is taught through themes such as migration, settlement, cultural beliefs and conflict and co-operation. These allow pupils to look at the development of political power, the relationship between the countries making Britain as well as the concepts of trade, colonization, changing technology, Empire and others. Pupils will develop the skills of analysis, an understanding of causation and consequence as well as being able to look at different interpretations of events. They will be able to communicate their ideas and be able to see how the past has helped to create their identity both at a personal, local and national level.