Geography is all about the World we live in, the places, people and events around us that change our lives. It is about care for the environment and considering how to live in a sustainable way.
It is about the places in the news and the people involved.
It is about the links and relationships between natural processes and human activities.
It is about everybody and their future.

Geography in CCHS takes a look at many different topics as an introduction to the important issues and events that shape our lives.
Geography aims to improve understanding of different cultures and allow people an insight to the similarities and differences between groups of people.
Geography investigates the things people do and considers the impacts our actions have on the environment.
It is about the World and our future.

Everyone is interested in Geography !!

Year 7 - Earthquakes - Correspondence Project
In partnership with The British School in Kathmandu, Nepal

Earlier this year Geography lessons for our Year 7 students looked at the causes and effects of earthquakes, including those that occurred in Kathmandu, Nepal in April and May 2015. The earthquake in April, measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale, killed over 5,000 people and injured 21,000. The second earthquake on 12th May measured 7.3 on the Richter scale, killed a further 218 people and injured over 3500 people. The earthquakes affected the population of Nepal in many ways; students at The British School (TBS) in Kathmandu, Nepal were going about their normal school day when the first earthquake struck. As part of a joint project with CCHS and The British School, students from both schools corresponded to understand each other’s cultures and surrounding area. The British School themed an entire series of cross-curricular lessons around the idea.
During their Geography lessons, and in their free time, our Year 7 pupils composed letters with questions to the students in Nepal, asking about their experiences of the earthquakes as well as to enquire about the Nepalese culture and lifestyle. Sixteen of their letters were selected to send and the composers of those letters were rewarded.
We have now received our replies; forty-seven letters have arrived from The British School, from students of various nationalities between the ages of 11 and 14.
The experiences shared within these letters captured the curiosity and amazement of all the Year 7 students who have read them and opened their eyes to the dangers and beauty of a diverse country on the opposite side of the world. Geography was brought to life in this project and the congratulations must go to the sixteen students who represented CCHS and educated Asia about the culture of Clacton-on-Sea.

Year 7 - Earthquakes - Correspondence Project
Year 7 - Earthquakes - Correspondence Project

Earthquake Lesson from Down Under

Earthquake Lesson from Down UnderAs we know, there is nothing better than learning from those with experience. When our Year 7 students were learning about Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions, who better to speak to than someone who has experienced large earthquakes. Two Year 7 Geography classes were given the chance to Skype with Glenn Livingstone, a city councillor from Christchurch, New Zealand. Glenn shared his experiences of the deadly 2011-2012 earthquakes, which destroyed much of his city. Although Mr Livingstone was not directly affected, he explained that whilst on the sixth floor of the civic building, during the second earthquake in 2011, the violent movement meant that he found it impossible to remain on his feet and ended up kneeling on the floor. This helped the students understand why so many buildings had been damaged and they were able to ask him various questions about the experience and the aftermath.
The half-hour video call opened the eyes of the students about the force and scale of earthquakes; the lives of people who have lived through the experience and how they live under the constant threat of further quakes on a daily basis. The students all conducted themselves very well throughout the conversations and represented CCHS excellently. Well done to them all!

Geography in the Media

A number of students had the opportunity to visit the Sky Academy looking at how geography is involved when broadcasters report on environmental events from disaster zones.
As part of their day they put together a special news report......................