Design Technology

Systems & Control, Graphics Design, Product Design, Resistant Materials and Construction
Design Technology
The area of Design & Technology allows students to partake in a wide range of activities covered by the variety of subject areas in which we deliver. Students will learn to investigate and research topics, generate and develop ideas as well as making an array of products linked to the specialist area in which they are being taught. Design Technology is a subject where students can see their ideas come to life and can use their creativity in experimenting and exploring possibilities. The areas that are covered within the department are as follows; Systems & Control, Graphics Design, Product Design, Resistant Materials and Construction.

Key Stage 3
Students work in a carousel to cover all of the areas on offer. Systems and control students are introduced to working with circuits and learn the skill of soldering. They then are able to develop ideas for games and products that involve electronic components and produce a final outcome. Product Design students have main use of the school workshops where they will work in a range of materials such as woods, metals, plastics and modelling materials. Again they complete a range of short projects helping them to develop their skills and understanding within the subject area. Graphics Design students are taught the importance of the environment and recycling through the design and development of products as well as producing high level outcomes for packaging and similar graphical products. Again a range of design and drawing skills are taught including the use of Computer aided design.
All areas have the health and safety of the students as a main priority and students are shown how to work appropriately with the materials, machines and tools on offer.
Design TechnologyKey Stage 4
There are four specialist areas for students to consider when choosing their options:
Design TechnologyGraphics Design offers students the chance to continue with their skills learnt in KS3. Students develop further by completing projects based on topical events and realistic briefs. More specialist equipment is available for the students so they can bring their thoughts and ideas to life.

Product Design students again work on short projects that help them to explore the possibilities of working with a variety of materials. Students are taught a theory lesson once a week in preparation for their exams. Students complete work individually and in groups. Students are taught the stages of project planning and again make final outcomes.

Resistant Materials focuses students on creating high level products using woods, metals and plastics. Students are introduced to working on a brazing hearth as well as some of the other pieces of machinery kept just for KS4. Project and theory work is completed in preparation for their final GCSE year.

BTEC Construction allows students to get a real insight into the construction industry covering units on health and safety, the structure of the industry and carpentry skills. Students complete a certificate at a Level 2 for BTEC Construction.

All Key Stage 4 areas offer after school sessions for students to complete outstanding work on make improvements on existing pieces. The teaching staff within the department are always available to lend their advice and expertise on student projects.