Cross-Curricular & Foundation Learning Faculty

The faculty fully supports the whole school ‘Education For all’ policy by being completely cross-curricular.

As part of this offer, a number of R-E-A-L - "Religious, Ethical and Life-long Learning” days have been introduced. These are mornings or full days where students are off timetable in order to study topics that affect their real life. These range from extremism, to poverty and war, to the ethics of animal testing, and are followed up in tutorial sessions. These REAL days will cover the delivery of the statutory Religious Education to KS4 students explicitly. Tutorials are also a great opportunity to cover PSHE, Literacy and Numeracy topics, where “REAL” points are awarded. These all going towards each form group's total with the top groups rewarded every half term.

Cross-curricular and Foundation Learning also endeavours to support students with S-E-N-D throughout the school in all lessons or those who work in Foundation Learning on an alternative curriculum.

Higher up the school, the faculty delivers quality teaching of A-Level Philosophy and Ethics as well as the dissertation-based Extended Project Qualification.

Any Science or Technology projects are well-supported by our STEM enrichment staff, who work hard to ensure that quality projects are in place at all age ranges.

Careers information, advice and guidance are pivotal to the Cross-Curricular and Foundation Faculty, in order that every student can be supported to make the right decisions in life.

The Faculty endeavours to offer equal opportunities to all of our students by:

  • Providing appropriately and satisfyingly for all students of all ages and abilities, eliminating discrimination on grounds of race, sex or physical disability
  • Ensuring that students have a right to equality of access to what is best in educational provision
  • Ensuring that there is no restricted access given to some students because of stereotyped views of ability
  • Promoting mutual respect and good relationships between persons of different racial groups
  • Opposing racism, condemning all racist remarks and behaviour
  • Developing the skills for inter-group and cross-curricular relationships