Business Studies

Business Studies is about how companies and small businesses work , how you manage staff and motivate staff and how you set up your own business.

Opportunities for students
  1. Visits to companies to explore how businesses work in reality – YR 11 have the opportunity of a residential visit to Cadbury world and Alton towers where they learn about how the company markets their products and manages/motivates staff.  Also visits are arranged to Colchester zoo.
  2. BTEC and A Level visits include, Thorpe park, Jimmy’s Farm, Colchester Zoo, Greene King, National Maritime Museum to name a few and they also benefit from speakers coming in to speak to the group including careers, business link, speakers who have run their own businesses etc.
  3. Students have the opportunity to participate in enterprise events organised by universities in east anglia and young enterprise, join in the running  of Natwest School Bank if they are interested in marketing and finance and setting up an ongoing business in running eduprint our printing companies for businesses in the local area.
  4. All students in this subject have the opportunity of setting up and running their own mini enterprise which can be a short term or a long term business.  They can decide to keep the profit themselves or donate their profits to charities of their own choosing.
GCSE Business and Communication Systems

In GCSE Business and Communication Systems students learn about

  1. Marketing – Making your own promotional campaigns to sell services and products using ICT.
  2. Human Resources – Why and how people work How to manage and motivate employees.
  3. Finance – All about money and how it is made.  How to use spreadsheets to work out how much money a company has made. Complete stock control profit and loss accounts for example.
  4. Use of ICT –How computers are used in business
  5. Students are assessed by a 2 hour practical exam on the computers. And a 1 hour written theory exam.  No coursework
BTEC First Certificate

BTEC – You have 3 units of coursework to complete and it is 100% coursework and no exams.  This covers finance, Marketing, Human resources, career planning, setting up a business, investigation into how businesses work and run, customer services and running a  business online.  This course is equivalent to 2 GCSE’s at C grade or above.

BTEC First Diploma

BTEC – You have  6 units of coursework to complete and it is 100% coursework and no exams  The diploma covers the same content as the BTEC first certificate but it is equivalent to 4 GCSE’s at C grade or above.

BTEC National Diploma/award

The BTEC award is a 1 Year course and looks at Business finance, an overview of businesses, career planning and marketing at a higher level than the BTEC first courses.  This is equivalent to 1 A level.  The BTEC National is equivalent to 2 A levels and covers online businesses, accounting, managing an event, team working.  Both of these courses are 100% coursework.

A Level Business Studies

This is 66% coursework and 33% exam.  In the first year A level students learn an overview of specific businesses that they investigate, they run and simulate a recruitment process and look at financing a business.  In the second year students run their own business and complete an in depth business plan, they work closely with Greene king at production methods and resources and recommend in a presentation of how Greene king can improve their business they also look at how to manage people and in an exam are given examples of workplace situations and problems that they are asked to analyse and solve from a managers point of view.