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Teacher Training @ CCHSFor information about Teacher Training Opportunities at Clacton County High School please visit our Teacher Training webpage.

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The Principal Reports:

Neil Gallagher, PrincipalPart of our educational responsibilities lie with teaching and guiding our students towards life beyond school, learning about wider society, encouraging them to be outward thinking and what it really means to be a British citizen. We ask our children, what do we mean by British Values? When we ask ourselves the same question, we might say, of course we know, but are we really able to articulate this? It is just our way of life and is just there, something that we never really give too much thought to, but without these core values our lives and our society would be very different.
The media is full of stories that grab headlines and give us the impression that so much is wrong with British society, and perhaps all is not good, but the fundamental pillars that make us proud to be British are still there and stand us in good stead.
The four pillars that our society is built upon and which we actively promote in school are; Individual Liberty including freedom of speech, Democracy, the Rule of Law, Mutual Respect and Acceptance of others. Our day-to-day school life takes into account these principles and without even realising, they permeate through the school community and can be found within our PROUD ethos; Presentation, Respect, Organisation, Understanding and Determination.
Throughout the curriculum, opportunities to express British Values are sought, from Maths looking at judgments, outcomes, probability and equalities, with PE following the rules of the game and fair play; to more obvious subjects such as Religious Education which teaches about the differences and similarities between cultures and beliefs, and History as to how prejudice and a lack of respect for others' beliefs, ideals and creed can lead to wars and the breakdown of basic humanity.
Our Behaviour for Learning Policy, Student Voice and Staff Voice, are all linked to the four pillars and are there to ensure that our school community functions for the benefit of all stakeholders.
I have written previously about our REAL days, Religious, Ethical and Life-long learning days, you may have also had conversations with your children about the diverse range of topics covered through these days. The value of REAL days may not always be immediately evident to the students and they may not see an immediate link to British Values, but they are all there. From workshops like 'Prison Me No Way', healthy relationships discussions to ethical questions being posed and discussed; such as the pros and cons of animal testing in relation to medical advancements and the positive and negative impact of the Internet and social media on people's lives and the global society as a whole.
As usual, this week's Parent News has lots of interesting stories about events and the personal achievements of some of our students. See the scroller at the top of this page or our school app for more information on upcoming events and important dates.
Neil Gallagher, Principal CCHS

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    CCHS Events

    w/c 21st May
    GCSE & A-Level Written Exams
    continue until 25th June

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    CCHS Events

    Monday 21st May
    Year 9 Boys District Football Final
    Away @ Philip Morant, Colchester K/O 3.30pm

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    CCHS Events

    Friday 25th May
    Smallpeice Trust STEM Day
    Selected Year 9 students

    Friday 25th May
    Year 7 & Under 14 Girls District Football Finals
    Away @ Philip Morant, Colchester K/O 2.30pm

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    Clouds Restaurant
    Specials Menu

    w/c 21st May - Week 3
    See our Clouds Restaurant page for menu details

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    Reader to Leader

    Rewarding Reading

    Students who are seen reading of their own accord, in or around school, are rewarded 5 achievement points - they could be reading at break or lunch in the corridors, on the school field, in the library or Clouds. This initative is linked to the Reader to Leader Programme to help promote reading to enhance literacy skills such as reading, comprehension and vocabulary.

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    Whole School Literacy Focus

    Improving written expression

    The current whole school focus aims to highlight errors in student's speech to help promote and develop their written expression.

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    Whole School Numeracy Focus

    Division, Multiplication, Addition
    and Subtraction.

    The current whole school focus aims to help students recognise the synonyms for each numeracy skill to help them apply Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction in a variety of contexts. The focus also aims to encourage the use of mental maths to calculate answers.

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    Attention - Years 9 to 11

    Summer School Opportunities 2018
    Please visit our CAREERS INFORMATION webpage for a list of some of the exciting Summer Schools of offer from a numbe of universities. These are open to students from Years 9 and higher. Many fill up quickly so act NOW!

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    What to do if your child is ill..

    Please contact the School on the first day of your child's illness and each day after, as long as the absence continues. (Telephone the Student Absence Line before 9.00am - 01255 424266 - Option 1) Following any period of absence written confirmation must be supplied to the Attendance Office detailing the reasons for the absence, signed by the student's parent/carer. This is in addition to the notification by phone during the absence.

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    Parents & Visitors in School

    Parents & Visitors MUST enter the school through the Main Entrance and report to the school reception, formally sign-in.
    All other entrances are for staff and students only.
    In addtion, Students should not be driven into and dropped off in, or collected from, the school car park.
    After school, parents should not wait for students within the school grounds; please remain outside the front or rear gates for your child.

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