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The Principal Reports:

Neil Gallagher, Principal The new Year 7s are settling into CCHS life extremely well, they are finding their feet and successfully navigating their way around the school. They have been introduced to our expectations and the opportunities that we are able to provide. The first high profile event they participated in was the Year 7 Colour Run, which took place last Friday after school. Many students wholeheartedly joined in running around the field whilst being bombarded with a multi-coloured shower of paint thrown at them and having lots of fun in the process. More details and pictures will appear in Parent News later this week.
Last Thursday 600 Year 6 students from across the Clacton primary schools joined us for our open day, they enjoyed taster lessons in many subjects available at high school as well as getting the feeling of what it is like to be a CCHS student. In the evening the students were able to return to school with their parents and show them around. There were presentations and activities, and staff and current students were available to showcase the school and provide as much information as possible to enable the Year 6 students and their parents to help make the most appropriate secondary school choice for intake 2017/18. The day and evening went extremely well, it was a pleasure to welcome and meet so many prospective students and their parents and I hope we have enabled parents to make an informed choice about the next step for their child's educational future. Thanks to all CCHS staff and the student helpers, it was long day for many, but very satisfying to proudly show off our school and what we offer.
Finally, I am delighted to be able to tell you that on Friday evening, along with Jeff Brindle, Sigma CEO, and Steve McGrath, our Chair of Governors, I went to the Houses of Parliament for a very special reception. Last year, CCHS was invited to contribute to the annual Parliamentary Review, a very prestigious publication. Our school was chosen, along with just a few other specially selected schools across the entire country, to explain what we do to ensure that our students make the best possible progress throughout their time at CCHS, how we raise their aspirations through having high expectations and by extending opportunities through innovative collaborations with others. The reception on Friday marked the launch of this publication and if you would like a copy, please contact me via   or by following this link for an e-copy.
Neil Gallagher, Principal CCHS

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Latest News

  • CCHS

    Year 6 - Parents' School Visits

    We would like to invite any parents of Year 6 children, wanting to see the school in action on a normal working day, to visit the school.

    If you are interested please ring the school on Clacton 424266 or email and we will arrange a time to suit you.

  • Parent News

    In the Latest Parent News

    • The Parliamentary Review
    • Year 7 Students Colour Run Fun
    • A Touching Personal Sacrifice
    • CCHS Educational Showcase
    • Team GB Sprinter @ CCHS

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  • CCHS

    PHSE Focus - Registration Focus

    Discussion Topic - Autumn Time

    How does the changing season affect us?
    Autumnal- marking the transition from summer to winter.
    The meaning of the The Autumn Equinox and Harvest Festivals.

  • CCHS

    Literacy Registration Focus

    Channel 4's Countdown Word Challenge

    Who can come up with the longest word in 3 minutes?

  • CCHS

    Numeracy Registration Focus

    Channel 4's Countdown Number Challenge
    Who can get closest to the number generated?

    Whole School Numeracy Focus
    Times Tables - Consolodation of a Key Life Skill
    A lack of confidence with times tables prevents students from accessing more complex work within maths, and subsequently limits their progress.

  • CCHS

    Clouds Restaurant
    Specials Menu

    w/c 3rd October - Week 2
    See our Clouds Restaurant page for menu details

  • CCHS

    CCHS Events

    Tuesday 4th October
    The Evolution of Music
    Music Concert - 7pm - 8pm
    CCHS Studio Theatre (Black Room)

    Tuesday 4th October
    Sports Fixtures - Away @ Harwich School
    3pm to 5.30pm
    Netball: Year 7; Rugby: Year 7 and Year 9

  • CCHS

    CCHS Events

    Wednesday 5th October
    Sports Fixtures @ Home vs Harwich School
    3.30pm to 5pm
    Netball: Under 14; Rugby: Year 8 and Under 16

    Thursday 6th October
    Year 12 & Year 13 Concerns Evening
    By Invitation Only
    4pm - 6.30pm

  • CCHS

    CCHS Events

    Friday 7th to Monday 10th October
    Languages - Learn on Location
    French Trip to the Opal Coast

    Saturday 8th October
    PE Department - Trip to Wembley
    International Football - England vs Malta

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