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The Principal Reports:

Neil Gallagher, PrincipalWhen looking at this week's Parent News I am inspired by the kindness and generosity of young people that quite often goes unmentioned and unnoticed, not just locally but within society as a whole. There is a story about how one of our students gives up her time to spend it with elderly people at a local care home and how much this means to the residents. I am exceptionally proud that this young lady is a CCHS student and I can imagine how proud her parents must be of her too. There are many such wonderful young people, fund raising for charities, supporting worthy causes and giving up their time.
As we start to move towards the festive season, whilst most of us will be privileged to spend time with our families, enjoying many of the finer things, it is worth acknowledging that this will not be the case for everyone. As a school we try to give back a little by organising our annual Shoe Box Appeal; this has already begun and form groups are seeking to fill a record breaking amount of shoeboxes, full of non-perishable items, which we can wrap and deliver to residents living in local sheltered housing.
There will also be the Christmas Day dinner organised by the Rotary Club for those people who would otherwise be on their own, this is held in our Clouds dining hall. It takes a huge amount of logistical organisation and the selfless commitment of those who give up their own family time to make sure that an enjoyable day is provided for some of our lonely and vulnerable neighbours. This is truly commendable and, again, I am extremely proud of such community spirit.
My point of raising this, this week, is not only to acknowledge the kindness and efforts of others, but to remind everyone that we have amazing young people, working hard, aspiring and inspiring. Sometimes when we tune into the news it is easy to forget just how lucky we are to live within a society that is built upon the fundamental British values of respect, acceptance, democracy and the rule of law. There will always be bad things that happen and we can't stop that, but I, for one, believe we need to focus much more on the positives, praising and rewarding the overwhelming majority of good, decent young people.
The mock exams have now finished for our upper school students, and it has been a very busy time for all of them. The outcomes from these will help our students to identify their areas for focus in preparation for the final push towards their GCSE examinations in the summer term. The week ahead includes a STEM event for Year 5 students from local Primary Schools, as well as a bike-ability course aimed at improving road awareness and the safety of our students who cycle to school.
Please take a look at the week's edition of the Parent News which has some great articles on the Mock Trial enrichment event at Ipswich Crown Court, the introduction of the Modern Foreign Languages Ambassadors and a full account the exciting football matches that took place at Clacton FC football ground.
A reminder that Friday 30th November is a non-pupil day.
Neil Gallagher, Principal CCHS

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    Sunday 2nd December
    CCHS Affinity Choir at The Westcliff Theatre
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    Monday 10th December
    CCHS Affinity Choir - Carol Singing - 6.30pm to 8.00pm
    Plough Corner, Little Clacton in aid of Cancer Research

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    Wednesday 12th December
    Sixth Form Drama - Learn on Location
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    Thursday 13th December
    Year 10 Drama - Learn on Location
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    Reader to Leader

    Rewarding Reading

    Students who are seen reading of their own accord, in or around school, are rewarded 25 achievement points - they could be reading at break or lunch in the corridors, on the school field, in the library or Clouds. This initative is linked to the Reader to Leader Programme to help promote reading to enhance literacy skills such as reading, comprehension and vocabulary.

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    Whole School Numeracy Focus

    Multiplication and Division
    Numeracy is at the heart of our curriculum to ensure students are confident, clear and coherent learners who can apply skills for their everyday life and excel in their future aspirations. The current whole school focus for this half-term aims to help students recognise the synonyms for each numeracy skill to help them apply Multiplication and Division in a variety of contexts. The focus also aims to encourage the use of mental maths to calculate answers.

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    What to do if your child is ill..

    Please contact the School on the first day of your child's illness and each day after, as long as the absence continues. (Telephone the Student Absence Line before 9.00am - 01255 424266 - Option 1) Following any period of absence written confirmation must be supplied to the Attendance Office detailing the reasons for the absence, signed by the student's parent/carer. This is in addition to the notification by phone during the absence.

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    After school, parents should not wait for students within the school grounds; please remain outside the front or rear gates for your child.

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