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The Principal Reports:

Neil Gallagher, the Principal This week I am returning to the PROUD theme. You may recall that the PROUD ideals of Presentation, Respect, Organisation, Understanding and Determination, are all inter-linked and essential qualities that we think help our students to not only fulfil their potential from an educational viewpoint, but help them to become good citizens and productive members of society.

So far I have highlighted in my blogs the importance of how we present ourselves and our work, respect for each other and how being organised helps students to prepare for exams and their futures. ‘Understanding’ all of these ideals and ethos is something that we continue to impress upon students. As a teacher I still derive immense pleasure seeing a student’s understanding develop – those “penny drop” moments are part of the reason that we love teaching. Equally as students gain understanding in lessons they feel a real sense of achievement and excitement at gaining this knowledge.

As usual with the PROUD ideals we try and extend the connection and give it relevance beyond the classroom. Understanding other people’s needs, feelings and viewpoints is without doubt one of the most important social skills required for life. On the whole, our students are naturally very good at this, their fundraising and empathy with others is an unstoppable force, indeed, this week I received a link to a newsletter from Holly Court, thanking our students for their kindness and generosity at Christmas; please take a look using this LINK.

Our REaL (Religious, Ethical and Life-long Learning) programme (linked to PSHEE) helps to re-inforce these ideals and to challenge the preconceptions that we have of others. Our next REaL day is on 9th February and will cover a wide range of topics including human rights, racism, war and poverty; these are very current and thought provoking sessions. Following every REaL day, please ask your child about what they have learnt and how their understanding of these topics has changed and developed as a result.
We are always looking for opportunities to hear back from our parents to see how the REaL days have had an impact and so far the comments have been really positive. If your son or daughter has surprised and enlightened you as a result of one of these sessions I would be very pleased to hear from you by emailing
Neil Gallagher, Principal CCHS

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    Focusing on excellent presentation of work across all subjects.

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    How could we make CCHS more environmentally friendly?
    Promoting the ideal of conserving energy by
    keeping windows closed,turning the heat down, recyling
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    Monday 8th until Friday 12th February
    Year 11 English Mock Exams
    Speaking & Listening

    Tuesday 9th February
    Whole School REaL Day
    Students off timetable following PSHE related topics.

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    Tuesday 9th February
    Sports Fixtures
    Football Away vs CCA
    Year 10 & 11 Boys; Under 14 Girls

    Wednesday 10th February
    Year 7 English - Learn on Location
    Warner Bros Studio Trip

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    Wednesday 10th February
    Sports Fixtures
    Football @ Home vs CCA - 3.45pm KO
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    Thursday 11th February
    Year 10 English Workshop
    Jack Petchy Speak Out Challenge

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    Thursday 11th February
    Year 11 - Sixth Form Showcase Evening
    A Level Courses - Route A

    Friday 12th February
    Last day before the Half-Term Break
    School finishes at 3.10pm

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    Saturday 13th February
    Art Coursework Support
    10am to 3pm. Room A6

    Saturday 13th February
    Design Technology Coursework Support
    10am to 3pm. Room A12, A13, A14

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    Charlotte Hope
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